‘Infinity War’ Review

Infinity War Spoilers Ahead

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On this episode of Marvelous Geeks podcast, Morgan McNair and Gissane Sophia discuss all things  Marvel’s Infinity War. The theories. The heartaches. The darkness. The happiness. It’s all just a bunch of overflowing heart-wrenching emotions.

After years of buildup, time spent gushing, the first installment of the final Avengers Phase 1 battle is here, leaving us broken, confused and full of too many thoughts to work through. These stories have left us astonished from the beginning, but what this next installment has done is unlike anything else in the MCU. It’s setting up a course for the rest of the universe to follow, and it’s going to be tough to beat in more ways than one.

Still, as we discuss Avengers Infinity War, we’re ultimately working through where we think the characters will go, the heart-shattering endings, and the character journeys. What’s permanent? How will this all be reversed?

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