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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

March 25-31 
“Hollywoodland” | Timeless

Timeless - Season 2

And now that The Americans is officially back—Spring TV is blossoming exceptionally. (We’re just waiting patiently for the new season of New Girl!) We kicked off with a hugely impactful episode of Madam Secretary, a sweet showcase of marriage on When Calls the Heart, an incredible episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, an exceptional episode of Black-ish, a frustrating, but simultaneously intriguing episode of Riverdale, and a hilarious half hour of Superstore. A Series of Unfortunate Events made its second season debut and we’re definitely intrigued because the first four episodes will be covering my favorite books. But much like everyone and their mothers, we’re still buzzing about NBC’s Timeless

There were a number of beautiful moments in Timeless’ “Hollywoodland“, but there’s one in particular I can’t stop thinking about, for the thematic showcase of hope that’s found in a few simple words floored me. The most exquisite moments are often discovered in simplicity—they’re brought to light in the kind of declarations that go beyond the adoration we’re able to process as human beings. It’s the promise of something bigger, something bolder—it’s the emphasis of togetherness. And while the entire episode was an old Hollywood love story between Wyatt and Lucy, it’s their scene in the bunker that got to me the most. It was the absence of glitz and glamour and the presence of gentle intimacy and compelling vulnerability.

There are a myriad of contributions that make Timeless so special, but perhaps, and as I’ve said every week now, it’s the friendships. It’s these flawed, incredibly nuanced characters that have made remarkable impacts on one another that gets the tears going. It’s this couple that stands as a potent reminder of what it means to have achieved utter serenity. Often times, happiness is fleeting, and all we have as human beings are moments—moments that easily define the rest of our lives shaping it with each choice that we make. Thereby, this fleeting, yet profoundly captivating moment at the end was everything for Wyatt and Lucy. It reminded me so much of the quiet moments of clarity in The Sound of Music, and naturally, the reflective times in The Philadelphia Story. But it did so without the glamour, there was magic in a rundown, dark bunker by taking two people and allowing their sincerity to illuminate the room. It was so easy to appreciate the moment because Lucy for instance, still doesn’t have all of her own wardrobe, the transitions from who she was to who she’s becoming plays a role in reflecting the profound impact the Time Team, and Wyatt have had on her—to lose so much but to gain everything is a rare gift life doesn’t always deliver, but in her case, it’s there.

It’s present in the eyes of a man who can’t stop grinning from ear to ear at the possibility of his second chance being as amazing as Lucy is. It’s seen in the delicacy of broken souls that have effortlessly found the safe haven to come undone in. At the end of the day, when missions are complete and they no longer have to play a part, their hearts are laid bare in the simple affirmations that whatever happens, having each other will be the anchor they’ll hold onto. Because each other means beauty, grace, and strength, but it also represents every piece of their fragile, sometimes easily angered, far too tormented, and ever so loving souls. Because having each other means bringing out the absolute best in one another in every situation, the happiest of times, and even the most treacherous of roads.

This was the kind of promise that effortlessly showcases a human being’s ability to love someone with a fervency that’s driven by a compassion we could never fully explain. It means that no matter what the future holds, together or not, they have each other’s back through and through. It’s chaotic, it’s free, it’s broken, it’s hopeful—it’s beautiful. When the rest of the world walks out, they’ll stay.

What was the most exquisite thing you watched this week? We hope you all had a lovely Easter yesterday. Let us know in the comments below what the best part of your TV week was! And remember, Timeless resumes for episode four this coming Sunday (April 8, 2018).

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