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Disney Spirit Jerseys and the Outfits You Could Create

You’ve seen them everywhere — it seems like everyone and their mother has one, but then you look at the price. $59.99 excluding tax isn’t what someone on a reasonable budget wants to consider especially after a fairly expensive trip to Disney. But the thing is, they’re worth it, and they’re especially worth it if you’re a Disney Annual Pass holder. No, I’m not in any way trying to sell you on one, I think, more than anything I’m trying to justify why I bought it myself. And here’s the thing, if you’re not an annual pass holder, then maybe this isn’t for you, but as far as basic questions go, yes they’re super comfortable, and there’s not a single body type they don’t flatter, where those two areas are considered — jackpot. But also, you don’t have to wear them to Disney.

The hardest decision I had to make was choosing a color because the army green one is utter perfection, and truthfully, I’m pretty sure I could have paired just as many outfits with it if I wanted to. But black seemed like a little less work and that’s the option I went with. And here’s the thing I love about Disney spirit jerseys, they’re versatile. I love planning Disney outfits more than I love ginger-ale, and Spirit Jerseys make it a tiny bit easier, which I’m always here for.

So without further ado, here are some of the outfits I put together for Spring/Summer.


First things first, pants aren’t ideal for a hot Summer day or even Spring during the day in California, but if you prefer them, the funnest part in all of this is that you could wear any color. I love a bold lip with solid colors, so NYX’s San Paulo is perfect for this one. You could also pair this particular outfit with any pair of character ears and it’ll be gorgeous — especially if they’re unique in the design making the outfit pop that much more.


Do you ever just want to dress up and go to Disney? Same. Skirts aren’t always the best go-to, but sometimes, you want to be a little fancy, I get it. And the spirit jersey makes the outfit a bit more casual. This is such an old skirt! It’s probably 5-years-old by now, but it’s one of my all time favorites and I plan on wearing it a few more times before I donate it. I love geometric, Southwest inspired patterns, anyone else? I also love a good, coral/orange lipstick and Milani’s “Coral Addict” is perfect.


I think this might be the outfit I’m most excited for. These off white shorts are a pair I’ve been so eager to wear and I can’t wait to go to Disney in them. And a bold red lip? Yes yes, sign me up. Plus, that crystal bracelet is one of my favorite pieces I feel like I’ve had forever. Unfortunately, I can’t give you all a link because my mom brought back from Armenia so long ago, I don’t know how to track it down.


Okay, just kidding, I’m just as excited for this one as I am for the one above. Fun fact, giraffes are my favorite animals. (Don’t tell my cat!) And if I’m being honest, I am not particularly fond of the cloth Mickey ears they always carry, so when I saw these I nearly lost it. Actually, I’m pretty sure I lost it. A plain, all black outfit for this one with high-rise shorts because I want these ears to pop! And once again, Milani’s “Coral Addict”.


Another geometric patterned design I’m so eager to rock with the spirit jersey. These shorts are so cute and comfortable, I can’t get enough of them! And I especially can’t wait to wear them to Disney in the summer because they’re so light.


This one’s pretty simple, but still one I’m loving a lot. That’s kind of the thing about spirit jerseys or fashion in general, you add one accessory and the entire outfit could be different. I am obsessed with bandanas so the fact that you can add pretty much any to this outfit is perfect. Wear it around your neck, hair, hands, or even on your shorts as a belt. Bandanas are pretty versatile too, and I love them for this reason. This one’s an older style from Madewell, but they’re always coming out with new, adorable designs.


Disneyland and Disney World can get so hot in the summer especially during the day, it’s not pleasant. And over the years I’ve loved wearing rompers there. This one’s an adorable red patterned one from Forever 21, and during the day, you can just tie the Spirit Jersey around your waist to give a fun little twist while surviving the heat.


Sometimes, you just want to wear a pair of high-rise shorts and a bold accessory with a neutral lip. No? Just me? Okay, that’s cool, too. I love the distressing on these shorts it gives the outfit that grungy 80s vibe. Or rather, this is how I choose to justify it.

Here’s the thing, spirit jerseys are just gorgeous. And while it’s extremely hot at times, if you get as cold under AC as I do, they’re the proper shirt to wear. What I’d always do is wear a tank top underneath in order to take it off during the hotter periods, and put it back when it gets a little bit cooler. Easy breezy. You know what the funnest thing about planning these outfits with spirit jerseys are? I’ll probably come up with a ton more later on. Yes please.

(This article isn’t sponsored by Disney and we aren’t affiliated with them any way. I love fashion, and I’m obsessed with the spirit jersey. I also really wanted to prove to myself that my purchase is justified. It is. It so is. Be sure to follow me on instagram for more daily lifestyle posts and a lot of Disney. Oh look, a shameless plug. Oops.)

What’s your favorite Disney outfit? Do you love planning them as much as I do? Let us know in the comments below. God bless xxo

ByGissane Sophia
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