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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

March 18-24
“My Heart is Yours” | When Calls the Heart

SourceHallmark Channel

Our hearts are soaring because most TV shows are back from hiatus and all is right in the world again. They kicked off Sunday with a brand new, hysterically moving episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a remarkable hour of Timelessand the long anticipated When Calls the Heart. Tuesday met us with an incredible episode of Black-ish and Wednesday’s Riverdale was something, alright. Life Sentence continues to establish its place, and Superstore is driving us crazy in all the right ways. But you guessed it, we’re here to talk about When Calls the Heart and the wedding we’ve all been waiting for.

I wrote about Jack Thornton and Elizabeth Thatcher’s engagement through my tears, so even back then I knew that no matter what would air this week, I’d have to write about their wedding, too.

“My Heart is Yours” wasn’t exactly perfect,I’ll be frank in admitting that there was a great deal of drama I could’ve done without, the proposal episode showcasing that such a thing could actually be successful, but I digress, and I’m not here to critique the episode—I’m here to talk about the moment where two people became one and an entire town joined in their union.

At the end of the day, this show’s always been about community and compassion. It’s united people in the darkest times and it’s almost always done a pleasant job of creating memorable relationships. That’s why this wedding mattered and that’s why we needed an entire episode dedicated to it. As mentioned, because the episode, and tragically, the story in its entirety wasn’t up to par with “My Heart Will Go On”, we’re here to talk about the vows. The wedding vows, gorgeously written by Erin Krakow and Daniel Lissing that resorted me into a blubbering, ugly crying mess. There’s beauty in simplicity, and there was ample, pure, immeasurable beauty in these vows. There was ample, pure, immeasurable beauty in the sincerity of the performances from every cast member in that defining moment. It was all the little things, the choices that were made for instance with both Abigail and Rosemary having such crucial roles in the wedding, each of the kids having a special place, too and every community member gleaming with joy whenever we saw them. (P.S. anyone else obsessed with how gorgeous Elizabeth’s wedding dress was? Actual perfection in my book.)

Jack and Elizabeth have been each other’s strength in trying times and the light in darkness since the moment they got together. And now a promise like this glorifies that love exponentially by bringing God front and center with the reminder that He’s the foundation of their story—solidified through patience, faith, hope, and unyielding adoration, Jack and Elizabeth embody the 13th book of the first Corinthians remarkably. They aren’t the first, and they most certainly won’t be the last, but to them, it’s a perfect dream come true, and that’s all we could ask for as viewers. When the characters are at their happiest, their absolute best, then it’s the ultimate treat to witness, and the story of Mr. and Mrs. Thornton is just beginning.

What were your thoughts on the wedding? What’s the most exquisite thing you watched this week?

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