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This is Us 2×18 “The Wedding”

Big Three Moments of the Week 

And that’s a wrap on season two — congratulations to This is Us for successfully being one of the very few shows that hasn’t fallen into the season two curse (aka the terrible twos of a TV show.) It’s been a fantastic adventure, dear readers, and we’ve reached the end of a wondrous chapter celebrating with a wedding. Who doesn’t love crying through a union and a cliffhanger that we’ll have to wait months for? No part of me is okay, all of me is shook, and my eyes hurt from crying. How are you guys feeling?

However, on a serious note, I appreciated the series bringing us back to its core theme, which is the power of our choices — the strength that’s found in making the hard decisions in life. The serenity that’s found in choosing to let go of what’s burdening us and choosing to walk down the hard paths for it’ll lead us towards a better victory in life. “The Wedding” took everything we knew about This is Us and moved us towards a journey into the future, a journey that’s a clear result of the choices people have made, and a clear portrayal of just how vital human connections are.

Scene I: Kate tells Rebecca that she is her way.

This is all I have wanted for Rebecca and Kate — a scene as profoundly captivating and as raw as one where a daughter learns to understand that her mother is in fact her best friend. It was tough to watch Rebecca tip toe around every word she spoke in order not to upset Kate, but it was beautiful to see her vocalize that, for it led to one of the most potent scenes in This is Us history. I ugly cried so hard, friends. So hard. Kate making it clear that her behavior was stemmed from admiration as opposed to resentment made it easy for Rebecca to understand that her daughter does in fact want a relationship with her. And for her to state that her mother isn’t in her way, but rather her way, was a great showcase of how far she’s come, and how delicately love’s inspired her.

Kate’s issues with Rebecca have always been stemmed from her own insecurities, for it’s a fact that the way we perceive and interpret something is based on how we’re feeling. And if we aren’t at our best, any form of comment could put us on edge — even if it comes from someone close or through good intentions. And the Kate we see today isn’t the Kate we met in the Pilot — she’s braver, bolder, and more vulnerable. She’s a woman who’s grown to see her worth and value through grief, heartaches, and a willingness to move past it all.

Mandy Moore and Chrissy Metz both responded to each other’s vulnerabilities so poignantly in that scene, it crushed me in all the right ways. Their chemistry is gorgeous, and I’m so excited for more scenes like this in the future. I’m so excited to see them be the kind of mother/daughter duo Jack always dreamt of seeing them as.

Scene II: Kevin and Randall give their speeches.

There’s so much to appreciate about this scene, but first and foremost was Kevin calling Randall his brother. I realize that adult Kevin and Randall are at a much better place than they were as teens, but it never gets old hearing Kevin give him the title he deserves. It never gets old seeing him rely on Randall in the same way that he relies on Kate. They are brothers, they’re partners, and they’re Kate’s protectors — a job they did so perfectly in this episode by giving her the kind of wedding Jack would have.

And I appreciated the fact that Kevin’s speech involved all the Pearsons letting go of whatever demon they’ve been harboring within. His choice to prompt the inhale and exhale exercise was very Jack Pearson of him, and clearly, it had a profound impact on each of the family members showcasing the very importance of choosing to let things go. We allow things to have power over us, and it’s our choice to hold onto what’s weighing us down, thereby, allowing each of them to choose to let go of whatever’s broken them recently made for a profoundly impactful scene. Jack Pearson was with them there.

To then have Randall pick up reiterating the importance of choices and the most precious aspects of adoration was simply perfect. In case you guys don’t know this, Randall Pearson is my favorite character and he has no flaw. He is human perfection.

Scene III: Kate’s dream about Jack and Rebecca’s 40th Anniversary.

This is Us show runners showing us what Jack and Rebecca would have looked like if they grew old together was everything. I suppose I could forgive them for choosing to kill him off just based off of these scenes. (No, nevermind, I still can’t.) They would have been perfect. They would have had things just right. And in every obstacle, they’d stand strong together through it. It was a small gift getting to watch these moments, and my only wish is that we would’ve gotten it in reality.

“The Wedding” was a fantastic finale, for it had it all — a wedding and a fair share of drama. Drama I was not expecting and drama that’s legitimately stressing me out. Naturally, I don’t know what the future holds, but I will say this much, if Beth is estranged from Randall and her kids, I will not be able to handle that. You hear me, writers? DO NOT TOUCH THE COUPLE THAT’S MEANT TO BE GOALS. I can handle anything but a break between that family. My only hope is that the referral was meant for Deja who’s made the choice to smash Randall’s character after a comment that she looks like him. (I really don’t get this behavior, or like where this storyline is going per say, but if it’s to emphasize the importance of our choices than I’m here for it.) My other hope is that Kevin doesn’t mess things up with Zoe because that could potentially be one of the most gorgeous relationships on the show, for if he’s following in his father’s footsteps to the t, then perhaps this means he’ll find his Rebecca in her. And also, do not, and I repeat, do not let anything happen to Toby because Kate has lost enough in her life. That’d just be cruel, and perhaps even to a degree that’s a little unrealistic because tragedies don’t strike this often to one family.

And that’s a wrap on season two, folks. What are your thoughts on the season finale? What are you hoping for? What are you nervous for? If there’s anything, any scene, you’d like me discuss that I haven’t done so above, let me know in the comments below and I shall get to it.

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