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This is Us 2×17 “This Big, Amazing, Beautiful Life”

Big Three Moments of the Week

This is Us knows how to make its viewers care, and I care a lot about Deja — I care about her well being, and I even care about her mother’s. And it was fascinating to me to have an episode that wasn’t focused on the Pearsons, but somehow tied them to the story intricately. “This Big, Amazing, Beautiful Life” was the profound reminder of just how dark this world can be in foster homes, and where a great one is found, it must be held onto.

Scene I: Deja Comes Home

I had a feeling that when Deja would come back home, she’d come with her mom for a while, but I didn’t think that her mom wouldn’t stay. That’s for another moment though. Deja’s homecoming was everything I imagined it to be, filled with cheesy Randall jokes, thrilled girls, and a peaceful Beth. It felt right. And I loved the fact that she was the one who wanted to be back in her room. No one was forcing her, no one asked her if she wanted to, she just did and that was the ultimate showcase of the notion that she’d found the family she wasn’t ready to let go of — or would want to.

Scene II: Three Generations of Goodnight Moon

This may have been one of the sweetest scenes in This is Us history and it may have simultaneously been one of the simplest. It’s fascinating to think that we’re all connected through things in our lives that we’ve done similarly — people from all over have said the same prayer prior to going to bed, they’ve read the same stories, they’ve had the same routines, and they’ve dreamt the same dreams. And sometimes in life, you connect with those people later learning of these moments that bind you in a way so intricate, words cannot describe them. And I loved watching not only Rebecca read the story to her kids, but I loved seeing Deja’s grandma read it to her. These comforting little details in life make everything that much more worthwhile and nostalgic; giving us things to talk about in trying times in order to be uplifted into a place where for a moment, everything is better.

Scene III: Shauna’s Realization 

Again, as mentioned for scene one, I realized that Shauna’s stay wouldn’t be too long, but I didn’t think it’d be instantaneous. And I didn’t think she’d want to leave just based off Deja feeling comfortable. I expected her to want to see what things are like in the Pearson household, but it was almost fascinating to see that her realization came from the fact that she needed to be away from Deja because she’d put too much pressure on her by insisting that she couldn’t live without her. The understanding that she’s done more harm than good to her daughter is the very first step for her to finally choose the right path in life, and I hope this isn’t the last time we’ll see her. I’m certain it isn’t, but here’s to hoping that the next time it happens, she’ll be in a much better place — emotionally and spiritually.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?

ByGissane Sophia
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