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This is Us 2×16 “Vegas Baby”

Big Three Moments of the Week

It’s wedding season on This is Us and the nerds are headed to Vegas. But instead of something in Hangover fashion, we’ve got confrontations, struggles, and a whole lot of heart to hearts. And if a tear wasn’t shed, would it still be This is Us — would it … would it? Probably not — let’s be real here. “Vegas Baby” was an interesting choice after the three part episodes dedicated to Jack’s death, but allowing us to see these sides of the characters made for intriguing episodes knowing how each of them distinctly deal with grief.

That said, we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming of “Big Three Moments of the Week” — moments that all heighten the fact that human beings should never ever make assumptions and communication is the key to any successful relationship.

Scene I: Kate and Beth talk

I’m going to do my best to emphasis how much I loved this scene without uttering the words finally, heck yes, and blessed be. And I just failed, but seriously finally. It’s always been so bizarre never seeing the two women together, and I couldn’t adore their scene more if I tried. It served as a remarkable showcase of growth, honest communication, and a peaceful showcase of just how wrong we are as human beings when we make assumptions.

There’s always going to be that one person in our lives, or potentially more, that appear to have it all together. They appear to have the perfect life. They appear to be the perfect person. And as a result, if another has an insecurity of any kind, they’ll likely shut that person out because they have no idea how to communicate with someone with that level of supposed confidence. Beth Pearson is a phenomenal woman, one of the most put together, eloquently written, and remarkably explored characters, but she’s also perfectly human. And being human means being flawed. It was interesting to see her open up to Kate about the fact that bringing Deja into their lives broke her in a way she can’t even share with Randall because losing her hurt too much. It serves as proof of the fact that while some people think deeply about the darkness in their lives, others attempt to tuck it away, not because they care less, but because they don’t know what to do with the fact that the care too much.

And at the end of the day, these women are sisters — they’re people who care deeply for Randall, and they’re people who despite their lack of friendship, care deeply for one another. It was the profound showcase of how honest communication can change so much because Kate needed to not only hear that Beth isn’t perfect, but Beth needed to understand why it wasn’t easy for Kate to have a relationship with her. It was the kind of moment necessary to reveal the complex personas we all have and the distinct burdens we all carry. I only wish they went back to partying later, but I’m perfectly okay with the heart to heart that’s bound to bring the ladies closer.

Scene II: Kate and Randall talk in the casino

We often see details of Kate and Kevin’s closeness, but rarely we do we get a glimpse into Kate and Randall’s. And this week, I’m glad we were given the chance to see not only how close the two of them used to be, but how deeply they still want to carry that closeness.

But most importantly, it was so lovely to hear Kate say that she was afraid of losing him. Here’s a little fun fact about me folks, I’m one of those people who’s surrounded by so many close friends and family members that it often saddens me when marriages split families apart as opposed to uniting them. It’s a visceral fear a lot of us clearly share with the belief that a significant other in the life of someone we care for could mean that we could potentially see them less and less, a natural progression yes, but I think we can all agree on the fact that there are some extreme situations.

And while this isn’t an example of an extreme situation, Kate’s insecurities still play a huge role in her feeling lost without her brothers. As she explained to Beth, she’s always had a hard time making friends and thereby, her brothers became her world — they became her everything. She’s getting to a place where she can finally share her heart with another, but as any process nothing is immediate. Also, did anyone else cry all the happy tears when Randall admitting to watching Sex and the City solely because of how much she loved it. That’s how we are to be with those we love — occasionally, in order to show them just how much care, we must do things we don’t particularly enjoy but will to a degree because they do.

Scene III: Kevin and Randall walk with Toby

After learning that this trip was essentially taken for Toby to spend more time with Kevin and Randall, Kate’s brothers do what they do best and they protect her, they care for her, and they go out of their way for her. Their choice to go back to Toby’s hotel room in order to spend more time with him was everything you’d expect from the Pearson men — a gesture, subtle but grand enough to showcase just how much they care about those in front of them. And a gesture that welcomed Toby into the family in a way that’s bound to make a lasting impact him. It’s unfortunate that his own brother doesn’t care to spend time with him, but he’s gained two with Kevin and Randall so that’s all that matters, right?

“A big grand gesture, it’s not about the actual thing that you do, it’s about intent. It’s about taking the time to tell the person you care about, I see you, I hear you, I know exactly what you need right now, and I’m showing how important that is to me.”

— Jack Pearson

And that’s what this episode was about, grand gestures, in the most Pearson fashion to remind those they love of how sorry they are, how much they care, and how hard they’re trying. It’s never easy to watch Beth and Randall fight, but at the end of the day, when it comes to the two of them, above all things they know each other’s heart better than their own. They love each other deeper and deeper every day. And I couldn’t love their arc more this week because it means that next week, it’ll be a perfectly emotional episode that’s to remind us of not only how strong they are as a couple, but how giving they are as individuals. “Vegas Baby” was all about growth, the baby steps we all need to take in order to find ourselves a place where we’re better and stronger than we’ve ever been. And the baby steps each character took is leading them to a place I’m excited for. It’s gorgeous to know that Jack’s lessons, and his love for Rebecca along with hers in return continue to serve as the beacon of hope in all their lives.

Further Thoughts: 

  • I cannot believe that Randall was right about something being wrong with Deja, but no part of me is surprised that her mother is in this position. And the truth is, I really don’t want them to just take Deja and leave her, but I’d want them to make things work with both — helping her mother find a decent job, etc.
  • Also, the kids wanting to make their anniversary dinner special because Kevin was afraid that his parents would get divorced the same way that Sophie’s did. And a whole lot of things suddenly made sense like why he’d be so against the idea of his mother moving forward.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?

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