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“In a place where reality and fiction collide, and your greatest desires intermingle with the darkest corners of your mind — this place can only be illuminated by — The Ghostlight.”

There’s a great deal I’m a fan of when it comes to storytelling, and thought-provoking ones are at the top of that list. I’m also a fan of stories told by women because we’re finally at a time where it’s happening more frequently than not. And most importantly, I’m a fan of the way growth takes place in media that’s planned out. T

hat’s why when my friends over at Terra Incognita Productions announced the start of their series, The Ghostlight, I knew we were in for something special. Also, this is coming from someone who’s not a fan of horror or anything that could potentially freak me out, I could vouch for it working for those faint at heart. (Plus, even for those who aren’t a fan of said genre, the Twilight Zone is universally appreciated for the riveting tales it told. Am I right or am I right?) The Ghostlight is a creative gem, a collaborative effort where each episode is uniquely intriguing. My only complaint? They should be longer, but I mean, fine — I get it, they’re meant to be short stories.

The Ghostlight is only the beginning, two seasons in and we’ve been given such distinct stories, it’s phenomenal. And as someone who knows a tiny bit about what’s in store for season three, I’ve never been more excited. When it comes to The Ghostlight or anything these women produce, there’s one thing we can be certain of, and it’s the fact that it’ll keep us thinking long after it’s over. Thereby, where their art is concerned, it’s been proven by now that we’ll find ourselves face-to-face with something exceptional. If media doesn’t make us think or feel, then is it great content? I’d say no. Whatever it is, media is supposed to make you feel, it’s supposed to make you question things, and long after it’s over, it’s supposed to be remembered. And there’s one episode in particular that I still can’t stop thinking about. A short about the people in photographs having emotions“Eye of the Beholder” is an absolute masterpiece and still my absolute favorite — no spoilers, you’ll just have to trust me and watch it for yourself.

But truthfully, my favorite aspect and the reason for my adamant support is the fact that Terra Incognita Productions is run by three incredibly kind, wise, and creative women. And whatever else is in the future after The Ghostlight, their passion is what sprinkles immeasurable heart into the production company. Where there’s passion and goodness, there’s bound to be success, and the start of everything is always exquisitely potent when its foundation is authenticity. I cannot wait to see how far these ladies go knowing that they built the company by following in their dreams. Dreams that are undoubtedly deserving of becoming a reality. By combining each of their special skill sets, the women have found a way to engage with their audience through an honest, creative process. Because apart from The Ghostlight it’s the way Dickinson (Malia), Moore (Jessica), and Parsons (Sarah) have made the audience feel as though their purpose is greater than the mere views they provide. Terra Incognita Productions is a community, it’s a safe place, it’s a thought-provoking, always-growing place filled with excitement, and that’s not something you see very often in an industry that tends to have a dark reputation.

Watch The Ghostlight, follow these ladies and their dreams — greatness is in store I can promise that. And in watching you’ll come to find that when Leslie Knope said “get your team and get to work”, success will happen. There’s a reason we cannot achieve anything on our own, it’s not that we’re incapable, but it’s that the connections we make with others make everything that much more exquisite. Teamwork is everything that’s beautiful in this world, and I’m ceaselessly floored by the way these women have fortified their dreams through their teamwork.

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