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This is Us 2×07 “The Most Disappointed Man”

Big Three Moments of the Week

We are our choices — a compilation of the good, bad, and ugly. And “The Most Disappointed Man” reminded us of the importance of said choices revealing that truly, what we do matters. This is Us easily does a fantastic job of painting life as it is, and this episode particularly illuminated the truth behind the ramifications of every choice. We have the power to shape our lives in the way we want it solely based on how to approach matters that will greatly impact not only our lives, but those we care for. “The Most Disappointed Man” did just that for every single character — changing the outcome of their lives drastically after one, simple choice.

Scene I: The Judge speaks to Jack and Rebecca / Adoption

There are a number of things that made this scene phenomenal, but its primary greatness lies in the conversation of culture. A conversation that isn’t had nearly enough because human beings need to come to the understanding that societal norms vary from culture to culture. And the judge’s choice to express his concerns about a white family adopting a black child made for an incredibly fascinating scene due to his expression of the cold, hard, downright tragic facts of racism. We’ve already known that there have been moments in their lives where people looked to Pearsons differently because of Randall — the concerns they’ve had with situations such as how to properly give him the haircuts that are best. But this wasn’t expected making it that much more raw and riveting. There are differences in cultures, and as human beings, we don’t often learn about all the things that make us different. Sometimes, it isn’t about how we’re brought up, but it’s about how society will continue to seperate people based on race or religion.

To then have him transfer their case to another judge who immediately granted the adoption made for a gorgeously moving scene especially because it occurred after Rebecca had sent the judge their attempt at a family photo. They were meant to have Randall — he was meant to be their son.

Scene II: Proposal

I loved Kate’s choice to announce the pregnancy to Kevin, but most importantly, I appreciated Toby’s proposal. Probably because I’m still not a huge “shipper” of the two, but I’m now definitely a bigger fan. Toby’s choice to not only attempt a conversation with Jack’s ashes, but the choice to remember who Kate is showcased just how perfect the two are for one another. Toby wants Kate to have anything, and in retrospect, Kate merely wants to marry him, but the fact that he’s chosen to pay attention to the subtly obvious ways she wants a wedding was everything. And essentially, I appreciated the utmost sincerity in his expressiveness, the unyielding passion that revealed just how fervently he wants to be her husband.

Scene III: Deja speaks to her mother

I didn’t want to choose this scene because my heart broke for Randall and Beth, but ultimately, it made Deja happy, and so much of it has to do with it the fact that Randall fought so hard for her. It’s the fact that in spite of how badly they want to protect her, they also want to give her what she wants, which in this case is a conversation with her mother — a moment of comfort. And in spite of everything, there was such potent purity in that scene, it crushed me. I’m not entirely sure if I trust Deja’s mom right now, but I do trust that whatever happens, she’s going to stay with the Pearsons. She’s going to stay.

Essentially, what floored me about this scene was the sole fact that with William, it’s a direct parallel to the kind of life he could have potentially had if Randall met him earlier. The revelation of just how disappointed he truly was in himself along with how far gone he was into his own head before his son showed up brought to light a sense of hope that reiterates the fact that our choices matter. Both judges and their choices matter. Randall seeking out his father matters. Randall convincing Deja’s mom to call her matters. Randall and Beth choosing to allow her into their lives will matter. Toby’s proposal matters. The choice to adopt matters. It all matters — every choice has an outcome that’s meant to change our lives for better or worse, and I have a feeling this will be a running theme throughout the rest of the season.

Further Thoughts:

  • I didn’t think Kevin would break up with Sophie as quickly, but it’s interesting because this is in a sense what reveals that he is Jack Pearson’s son. I only wish that Sophie would realize something is wrong, but truthfully, I don’t blame her? The means in which Kevin took to end their relationship was baffling. I would shut the door, too. But something tells me that she may realize something’s wrong later on in the game or rather, when it’s much deeper into the mess he’s in.
  • I loved seeing Ron Cephas-Jones back as William and to learn just how drastically Randall changed his life in the span of a couple of moments was beautiful. We knew there was a change there, but to know that just moments ago he was wanting to use heroine (Correct me if I’m wrong in assuming it was heroine.) again? Heartbreaking.
  • That family photo was adorable!

Apologies on the shortness of this review, friends — it’s been a busy week, but I wanted to get it out for you guys. If there’s anything you’d like me to discuss, let us know in the comments below.

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