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This is Us 2×05 “Brothers”

Big Three Moments of the Week

Genetics — it’s a funny thing really. The way we silently, unknowingly become what we see in our parents/guardians — even when we don’t want to. Because unless we’re fervently working towards an objective, it’s easy to give in to what’s in front of us. Addictive personalities are complicated, and because it’s something that runs in the Pearson family, if it isn’t monitored and worked towards, it could become dangerous. But interestingly, it’s not just in alcohol or drugs but rather objectives — desires and the inability to stop pushing plays a riveting role in shaping the Pearson family. And in “Brothers”, we watched it effect the Pearson kids differently; some, in more dangerous ways than others of course, but nevertheless, a challenging process, which makes for excellent television while inspiring with some incredible messages we should all take with us.

Scene I: Randall makes progress with Deja

Randall admits to the fact that he doesn’t know when to give up on people — he doesn’t know when to stop pushing when he wants to talk to them. And sometimes, that may work, but other times, people could be pushed aside — naturally, based on personality types of the person he’s dealing with, they may not react with kindness unfortunately. However, with Deja, it worked for both their benefit because when Randall refused to leave until she talked to him, she opened up about feeling uncomfortable by the way she was grabbed because when it happened in foster homes, it wasn’t done with the best of intentions — it was done to hurt her.

And when Randall apologized for unintentionally hurting her, Deja was able to see that this man can be intense because he wants the best for her. He wants to get to know her. He wants to be a part of her life. He wants her to feel safe and happy in their family because he genuinely cares.

Scene II: Toby and Kate announce the pregnancy

I have no idea what I was expecting from Toby when Kate announced that she was pregnant, but I did imagine that for once, perhaps he wouldn’t react with such thrill. I was clearly wrong and I’ve never liked Toby more than I have in this moment because the little dance he put on was so ridiculously perfect. But prior to this, we’re able to see that Kate’s persistence to work out and to get to all her goals is due a different kind of addiction. One that can fuel people when they’re on a journey of growth. Or when they’ve got a goal they want to reach, and at the moment, Kate’s desire to keep the baby safe more than anything forces her into a place where she feels she can’t slow down. My heart broke when she refused to get happy or hopeful just in case something would happen to the baby.

But I appreciated the fact that for a moment, Toby inspired her to slow down because he wanted to do something that’d require her to just trust him. She had her moment and it was now his turn to announce it in a way that’d make him happy.

Scene III: Young Randall and Kevin bond

In “Brothers” we learned something about Jack Pearson that continuted to break hearts further. But at the same time, we learned more about the brothers we’ve always known, which is that they’ve had their moments. We all know that Kevin wasn’t the kindest tool in the shed, but on a camping trip to help the boys bond, reading an entry that revealed how Randall sees himself in his brother’s eyes inspired Kevin to be nicer. It helped him open his heart a bit. It helped him understand that Randall just really wants to spend quality time with him without annoying him. While we know that this didn’t make the boys immediate best friends and fix every issue they’ve ever had, we do now that at least they’ve had moments. Moments where they were brothers in every sense of the word. Moments where the men in the family could bond in peace allowing their differences to feel treasured and appreciated.

And on the opposite end, we’ve watched Jack protect his younger brother from their alcoholic father. We watched him take on the fatherly role and take on the hardships in order for his brother not to experience everything he has, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of this storyline.

“Brothers” was the kind of episode that showcases the importance of human beings and our choices. Kevin could’ve confronted his demons with Sophie, but instead, he spent hours on the phone in frustration that lend to drunkenness. The addictive personality may be in all of them, but human beings always have a choice and sometimes, the bravest choice a person can make is to talk about it. It’s only when Jack confronted the issues with Rebecca where he forced himself to sober up. And as Kevin’s spiraling, my only hope is that someone sees it before it gets much more dangerous.

Further Thoughts:

  • I wish Kate and Rebecca bonded more, but understandably sometimes life has other plans and it was interesting to see that even though Jack didn’t want to be there for his father, Rebecca went.
  • Deja’s crush on Kevin was precious and sweet how she wanted to go to the event because he’d be there.
  • I can’t wait until Kate tells the rest of the family about her pregnancy.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?

By: Gissane Sophia
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