Scene Breakdown: Jake’s Proposal in Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “HalloVeen”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine “HalloVeen” Spoilers Ahead

Jake's proposal in Brooklyn Nine-Nine "HalloVeen"
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Jake and Amy have come so far in their relationship that the timing was sublime. And dare I say, this is now my third favorite TV proposal. (I will eventually write an article for my top 10.)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “HalloVeen,” the fifth annual heist was just as exciting as its first by keeping viewers on their feet about who’d win the heist this year. And then it happened. And then my heart burst because this time, it wasn’t a joke. This time, they weren’t messing around. “This Time They Weren’t Messing Around” title of their sex tape. In the most wildly appropriate Jake way, he professed his love gorgeously, declaring that Amy’s not only the best person he knows but the best detective. They have evolved in a way so effortless, so magnetic that their involvement made them better — stronger. They’ve not only inspired one another to become better detectives, but in the process of growing together as a couple, they’ve learned to love parts of themselves that may be perceived as too much for another person.

In that moment, during my first viewing of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “HalloVeen,” I was too floored by what was happening to properly analyze anything, but after a couple of rewatches, I came to understand that my favorite part of the proposal was the innate, beautifully poetic sincerity in which Jake declared his love. Andy Samberg has done a number on our hearts lately by subtly reminding us of how complicated Jake’s life truly is — how deeply troubled he is, due to the lack of love he’s known was heart-wrenching. Jake’s issues with his dad, and ultimately family have forced him to mask pain with comedy, but with Amy, he’s never had to hide anything — though he’s never fully opened up, she’s known and understood the broken parts of him in a way no human being ever has. And I’m doing so, she’s loved him in a way no human ever has effortlessly brought a myriad of light into his life. Plus, the sole fact that he came to the decision that he wants to spend his entire life with her after witnessing her frustration over a misspelled word was absolutely lovely.

True love in its purest form is the appreciation of simplicity — the quiet moments in which two lives are one not through intimacy or conversation, but rather the distinguished celebration of their independence. The quiet appreciation of who the person is and how they pass time — the celebration of character. Jake’s fascination with Amy and the little quirks that make her incomparable never fail in radiating the utmost adoration and solidifying the beauty of love.

And then there was Amy’s response — the momentary fear that this may all be part of the heist but when realizing that it isn’t, the expression of incandescent happiness that Melissa Fumero projected was gorgeously moving. It was the face of a woman whose heart was so full, words couldn’t express it. And I cried. A lot.

There’s a lot to love about Jake and Amy, but I think personally, my favorite thing about their relationship has always been the friendship — they’re best friends. They’re each other’s home and the fact that laughter is so effortless has never failed to put me in the best mood. These are two people who appreciate each other’s characteristics so fervently so intensely that there are very few words to describe. And that’s just it, they’re both so intense with their passions, but to the other person, it’s the perfect amount, it’s understood, it’s appreciated, it’s never once judged (and even when it is, it’s all love.) And this proposal means they’re ready to laugh together forever. And I’m ready to cry. It’s all such a great feeling.

What are your thoughts on Jake’s proposal in Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “HalloVeen?”

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