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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

October 1-7
“The Big House Part II” | Brooklyn Nine Nine

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It’s been a week of stellar premieres and enthralling episodes starting with Sunday’s remarkably sweet Chesapeake Shores, Tuesday’s premiere of Black-ish, the debut of The Mayor, another emotional episode of This is Usand Thursday’s incredible episode of Superstore. But it was Brooklyn Nine Nine’s second episode into the season that I can’t stop thinking about.

I’m thrilled that the series didn’t carry out Jake and Rosa’s time in prison for too long because it was getting so difficult to watch these characters in such terrible situations. And for as long as they were there, in the little bits we’ve seen, it was enough for us to understand the horrors of prison. I’ll be frank about something, as a woman, I’m so glad they showed less of Rosa’s time in there because personally, I have a ridiculous fear of women and prisons. I could barely stand Prison Break’s “The Final Break” for this very reason. But that said, the fact that we were given the chance to see that this has most certainly affected the team tremendously along with the two of them was enough to know that this is a very real, life threatening situation and it needs to stop. They both experienced such encompassing fears that we know they won’t ever be the same again. But that’s a whole other story that I feel the series will address as the season progresses.

That said, when the team couldn’t find the means to bust Hawkins, the last person I was expecting to take a deal from Seamus Murphy was Holt. And that’s precisely what got to me so much. I love the 99th Precinct. I love the drastic lengths they’ve always gone to for another, and I love the kind of captain Holt is with everything in me. But I especially loved this because of the fact that Jake had once again made a statement about his father not loving him. And while we know that’s something that has a huge affect on him, it’s always heartbreaking to be reminded of it because what he doesn’t realize is how much Holt cares about him. He doesn’t realize that he, along with the rest of the officers in the Precinct, have a fatherly figure who’d do anything to protect them. It’s that kind of unwavering adoration that’s so profoundly pure, we can’t not talk about it. Holt cares about his team with every fiber of his being, and I was not breathing during that entire final scene because I can’t for the life of me trust Kellerman. . .I mean Murphy. Andre Braugher’s seemingly collected expression was cobbled with so much fear, you could instantly tell that the stakes were high. It isn’t going to be easy, but thankfully with this show, we know that it’ll be worth it–we know that they’ll get through whatever is in their path because they care way too much about each other not to take extreme risks. Basically, the team’s finally back together again and for a moment, that’s enough.

What was your favorite moment on TV this week?

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