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25 Inimitable Men 17/25 
Jesse Katsopolis (Full House)

uncle jesse

He’s my uncle Jesse, your uncle Jesse, the Tanners’ uncle Jesse, the Fullers’ uncle Jesse, the Giblers’ uncle Jesse — everybody’s uncle Jesse! Bigger than his ridiculously awesome hair and obsession with Elvis is his heart. The kind of heart who’s selflessly devoted himself to making the lives of everyone else better one wise advice at a time. When it comes to families, there aren’t a lot of people who would do what uncle Jesse has done — there aren’t many people that sacrifice their lives and their happiness to help out for as long as he did. And that’s because when he fell hard for parenthood, protecting the kids became his greatest priority. While uncle Jesse was by no means perfect at everything, he tried harder than anyone ever would, and that alone made him inimitable. Seriously, is there any other television character who’s considered everyone’s uncle? I think not.

When writing about the Tanner/Katsopolis/Fuller family for the #25NearestAndDearest portion of this article, I stated that Jesse’s relationship with the kids showcased his heart most beautifully.

“Jesse wasn’t just their cool uncle, he was the person they could confide in and learn from. And Jesse had a distinct relationship with each of the kids which has always spoken so highly of his character. He’d gotten to know them for who they are and built a solid foundation based on what he knew. It essentially makes bonding that much more profound and extraordinary. There are no favorites in a family, but what deepens connections and makes them wonderful are the unique ways in which people bond with one another. Jesse was able to find that unique tone with each of the kids knowing just how he needed to respond to them in the wake of a crisis or a simple question. Personally, the one thing I’ll never forget is Jesse crying after saying goodbye to Michelle. Sometimes you don’t want to be away from family — you want to combine both your worlds and make them into one. And I’m sure though they would’ve liked more privacy, Jesse and Becky wouldn’t have it any other way at that point in their lives.”

The choice to get to know each one of the girls and their individual personalities in order to find the proper means of communication with them when things fell apart is something not many people do. They stick with what they know and take that approach through anything. But what we need to learn in life is that some people are more stern while others are a bit more sensitive, and with each of the Tanner girls, Jesse knew how to talk to them that’d put their hearts at ease while reminding them of the fact that whatever they’re feeling is perfectly okay and a part of life. And those reminders are what made it much easier for the girls to understand that there’s never going to come a time in life where they’ll have to face anything alone. (A fact that’s proven when years later DJ loses her husband in the same way Danny lost his wife.) In a number of ways, uncle Jesse was the family’s rock — he was seen as the figure who’s always got things together, but he was also the figure who wasn’t afraid of admitting defeat or heartache. And it’s that kind of bravery that also allowed the kids to understand that it’s okay to fall.

I’ll be frank, I think Jesse was too mean to Kimmy, and that was his greatest flaw — yes, she could’ve been annoying, but there’d also never be someone more loyal than her. And I suppose I’m glad that even though he wasn’t always kind to her, he knew that if anything ever happened to any of them, DJ would never be alone as long as she had Kimmy. But although sometimes Jesse could come across as too stern or too protective, at the end of the day, we knew that it was out of a sheer instinct to protect the girls from anything that could potentially harm them for example, when Viper and DJ got closer. Everything he’s done, whether right or wrong or perfectly balanced was to protect his family, and a man who’d do anything for his family is a man whose honor knows no bounds.

Let’s not forget that one time he filled with the yard with snow because Aunt Becky was sad they couldn’t spend Christmas in Nebraska.

“Jesse’s choice to fill their backyard with snow just to give her the magical Christmas she deserves is how a husband should be. When it comes to giving gifts, it’s never about the cost, but rather knowing the person well enough to give them something they’ll treasure. Jesse not only gave her a white Christmas, but he gave her a memory she’d hold onto forever. Even if she doesn’t have a white Christmas, she’ll remember that her husband loves her enough to try to give it to her. She’ll hold onto the memory and cherish it while she embraces new traditions.”

Jesse loved Becky with every fiber of his being doing everything he could ever do to ensure that her happiness went beyond her wildest imaginations. Whatever she wanted, he’d find the means to get it. And when he finally had children of his own, he gave them the best life he could have by providing for them, loving them through everything, and making sure their hair always looked great. He may not have been perfect with his obsession with Elivis, but uncle Jesse came pretty close. His friendship with Danny and Joey was the perfect display of brotherhood — there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for them, and vice versa. And finally John Stamos embodied the character so remarkably that if years from now they ever decide to do some sort of a reboot (I pray this never happiness.) no one could ever come close to projecting Jesse’s heart and emotions as impressively as Stamos.

By: Gissane Sophia
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