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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

August 20-27
“Beyond the Wall” | Game of Thrones

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Source: HBO

When 90% of the shows you watch are on hiatus in the summer, it’s series like Game of Thrones and Hallmark’s darling Chesapeake Shores that keep us sane. And though Chesapeake Shores has been superb lately, it’s Game of Thrones’ “Beyond the Wall” that we need to talk about.

We can’t not talk about this scene. It’s the only thing everyone who’s ever contributed to MGcircles has been buzzing about for more than a week now. (We have no self-control. We watched it when it leaked.) But that said, Game of Thrones’ penultimate episode “Beyond the Wall” preluded “The Dragon and The Wolf” gorgeously with a moment so moving, we may never get over it.

After a horrific battle with the white walkers, Daenerys visits Jon as he rests from his wounds and the two discuss the outcome of his choices. And while that moment would’ve been enough to tug on the heartstrings, I’m still in awe of the profound impact their lingering hands and eyes had on me. The quiet, encompassing intimacy where two people could find the kind of serenity they’ve long been searching for. I’ll be frank, I wasn’t for the two of them—my heart still cries for my number one Game of Thrones relationship Jon and Ygritte’s. But in that moment of sheer sincerity, two people holding hands and promising to fight together broke me in a way Game of Thrones hasn’t done since “we should’ve never left that cave.” At this point in his life, Jon Snow has seen and lost too much to be the naive, doe-eyed boy we’ve always known. Jon is now a man who refuses to let go of what’s important to him and seeing Dany’s heartbreaking vulnerability as she grieved the loss of Viserion was everything he needed to step up. It was everything he needed to take the kind of risk that’d drastically change things.

And Dany. Oh sweet mother of dragons. From the moment she allowed herself to be vulnerable with Jon, it was clear that everything was already changing. Jon is the kind of man who’s shown nothing but kindness, honor, and gentleness allowing for this fierce woman to find a place where she doesn’t have to try keeping the demeanor of a queen. With him, she could just be a grieving mother for a moment, a broken yet determined lost soul in need of comfort. And when he took her hand, Jon makes it clear that her emotions are justified—she is safe with him. Daenerys Targaryen has never been more vulnerable, but to Jon Snow, she’s still his queen and for as long as it is needed, he’ll hold on. They’ll hold on to something profoundly promising and rare in a world where the iron throne is all that matters. Ultimately, what gets to me most is that it’s confirmed that for the first time, the two are eye to eye with an equal—someone who’s seen and endured just as much thereby, allowing them to find comfort in the fact that they’re fighting alongside a kindred spirit.

And let’s be real, on a show like Game of Thrones this relationship is nothing compared to the grossness of Jaimie and Cersei’s “twincest.” (There’s no kind or positive way to spin this one.)

Be sure to check out Katie’s post on the scene over at Nerdy Girl Notes. You know it’s good when everyone is writing about it, and Katie’s especially is perfect.

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