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Spring ’17 Finale Roundup | Week III

| May 14-28 |

We’re almost there, friends — the end of an incredible, jaw-dropping spring season. The last two weeks have displayed partnerships at their finest with Once Upon A TimeChicago P.D., Madam Secretary, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actress
“The Bank Job” and “Crime and Punishment” | Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Stephanie Beatriz

Stephanie Beatriz has been an excellent performer all throughout Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s run, but her work in the two-part finale has been unmatched. When Rosa and Jake are faced with potential time in prison, Beatriz allows us to see that fear resides behind the resilient detective. This was the first time after Pimento’s disappearance where we’ve seen Rosa crumble and Beatriz did so in a way that was truly heartbreaking. Now while no tears were shed, Beatriz’s means of showcasing fear are something to marvel at. The subtle forms in which she wore immense sadness broke me. I know everything will be okay because of the show’s genre, but it doesn’t change the fact that what’s happening is terrifying and very real. And the immense fear in her eyes allowed the audience to be truly worried.

Rosa Diaz is by no means afraid of prison, but she’s afraid of what it means in regards to her work family. She’s afraid of losing her job — she’s afraid of not being able to do what she loves and Beatriz allows us to see this perfectly through meticulously organic performances. And this is without a doubt her finest performance to date — a full range of emotions acutely illuminating each of the layers that her make her character extraordinary.

Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actor
“The Bank Job” and “Crime and Punishment” |Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Andy Samberg

Much like his scene partner (Stephanie Beatriz) in the two-part finale, Andy Samberg has done a fascinating job delivering a full range of emotions during Jake and Rosa’s trial. Samberg has taken the audience through a number of gut-punching emotions by allowing us to see that despite the attempt to keep cool, deep down, Jake’s actually frightened. In the same way as Rosa, he’s afraid of losing his job — in complete shock that this is actually happening to them. Even Jake’s seemingly nonstop “cools” were filled with innate fear and genuine disbelief leaving us with too many emotions to deal with. Emotions that are far from cool and “noice.”

Most Exquisite Moment
“Article 5” | Madam Secretary 

Madam Secretary’s strength has always been the familial moments, and in “Article 5” it was no exception. When Elizabeth’s kids surprised her at the cabin, my little heart was at its happiest. And for it what served, it stood poignantly as the best moment throughout the insanely packed finale. Elizabeth McCord has a lot to juggle and things are constantly sped up for our Secretary of State, but when it comes to her kids, it’s all about living in the moment. Moments that though fleeting are undoubtedly the parts of her day she looks forward to most. And that perfect balance between duty and family continues to serve as a reminder that Madam Secretary can do no wrong. It was a pleasant surprise to know that even though the kids aren’t the biggest fan of the cabin, they’d do whatever it takes to make their mother happy.

Most Stunning Montage
“The Final Battle” | Once Upon A Time

“The Final Battle” was filled with a number of remarkable moments, but the final montage that showed us happily ever after is possible was its most gorgeous moment. We’ve grown with these characters for six years now and to be reassured that their lives can go on blissfully with normal battles now is everything I could have asked for. Whether it was learning that Snow and Charming have finally bought the ranch-house of their dreams or that Killian Jones was deemed Deputy alongside Sheriff Swan, it was the perfect way to close off this chapter in their lives. And where there’s a theme composed by Mark Isham, there’s always magic at its absolute finest.

“Wait what? What just happened?”
“The Bank Job” and “Crime and Punishment” | Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Again, while I’m almost positive everything will be alright, I don’t remember the last time a Brooklyn Nine-Nine finale stressed me out this much. I’m actually worried that Jake and Rosa may go to prison for a while and that’s far from okay considering the fact that they’re 110% innocent of the crimes they’re accused of. But while that was extremely shocking because I’m sure I wasn’t the only one waiting for a different verdict in the final seconds, prior to it, we were reminded of what an exquisite team the 99th Precinct is. They’re family. Through thick and thin, they’ll always be there for one another no matter the consequences and I appreciated being reminded of how deep their love for one another runs. (I also appreciated learning that Terry is a fan of Madam Secretary and while that’s not shocking, I had to mention that it was my favorite moment in the episode.)

What are your pick for the finale roundup?

By: Gissane Sophia
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