Spring ’17 Finale Roundup | Week IV

| May 11-30 | We've finally reached the end of an overwhelmingly powerful spring season with fantastic finales of The Americans, Prison Break, and Riverdale. Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actress "The Soviet Division" | The Americans Alison Wright Alison Wright is no stranger to exceptional performances and her work in "The Soviet Division" left me speechless.... Continue Reading →

Spring ’17 Finale Roundup | Week III

| May 14-28 | We're almost there, friends -- the end of an incredible, jaw-dropping spring season. The last two weeks have displayed partnerships at their finest with Once Upon A Time, Chicago P.D., Madam Secretary, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actress "The Bank Job" and "Crime and Punishment" | Brooklyn Nine-Nine Stephanie Beatriz Stephanie... Continue Reading →

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