Prison Break “Wine Dark Sea” Gives Fans The Meeting They’ve Been Waiting For

Gif for Michael Scofield in Prison Break's "Wine Dark Sea"

In an unsurprising turn of events, Prison Break’s “Wine Dark Sea” gave us the perfect Michael and Sara reunion.

Somehow I knew that when this moment occurred, it’d be everything I could have ever wanted for this couple. And it was. In every sense of the word, it reminded us of why we were intrigued with them in the first place. From the moment Michael stepped foot into the infirmary and Sara gave him the treatment he needed, it was clear to tell that this relationship would be special. And to mirror that moment with Sara flying to Greece to give him her blood was poetic, beautifully moving.

At their best, they’ve been each other’s strength in trying times, always managing to make things right even when the entire world fell apart in front of them. Where they’re together, there’s hope and serenity. And when Sara showed Michael the picture of their son, the seemingly endless years of heartache dwindled into unparalleled bliss—you knew that in that moment, though ephemeral, neither of them felt any sort of pain. For a moment, it was about the possibility—making things right, finally starting their family together, finally diving into hope.

And in their final scene during Prison Break’s “Wine Dark Sea,” where Sara uttered the words “come back to us” after placing a gentle, undeniably heart-melting kiss on his lips, Miller and Callies brought to life the electric chemistry that’s always been transcendent. You felt the ever-present sadness that has yet to leave them because of the lives they’ve led—the inability to just be together without something getting in their way. But you also felt hope, remembering that these two have always conquered what’s in front of them, and this time, they may actually get the happy ending they deserve. It was promising, it was profound, and it made my heart sing in the way only this couple has ever managed to do. He’ll always be the map that’ll guide her down the wrong path, and she’ll be the doctor, the compass who’ll work alongside him. They are home to each other, and there’s absolutely nothing they wouldn’t do to protect the other—they have and will always be each other’s strength.

What are your thoughts on the short moment in Prison Break’s “Wine Dark Sea?”

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