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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

April 7-13
“The Song in Your Heart” | Once Upon A Time

Another excellent week of television brings us closer to the end of a season. Madam Secretary gave us the lovely of reminder of how much adoration runs through the team’s veins. Prison Break brought us one step closer to the reunion we’ve all been waiting for. Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s back to back episodes served as the best showcase of strong friendships and the power of team work. The Americans gave us unexpected, beautifully moving moment between Philip and Elizabeth. Chicago P.D. was heartbreakingly solid. And Black-ish’s season one finale was the icing on top of an amazing cake. But naturally, where there’s a wedding, our hearts will automatically follow, and Once Upon A Time’s “The Song in Your Heart” gave us an impeccable, happy beginning. 

“Lost souls can always recognize each other— it’s as though the moment they meet, they attach themselves to one another in a kind of matrimony we’re incapable of understanding. An attachment that leads us on a quest to find ourselves, love ourselves, and accept ourselves. In many ways, love is unearthly and indescribable, and when it’s true, it passes each and every test in its path. Killian immediately saw the truth in Emma—he saw light and passion hidden behind the sadness in her eyes. And from that moment on, he fought to make sure she found a home.”

The above quote is something I have been saying about Killian and Emma since the very beginning, and today, to be a witness in their discovery of a home is a wondrous gift. And as all their loved ones sang “A Happy Beginning” alongside them, hope was restored in the kingdom as it was always imagined. In that moment, you knew everything would be okay. You knew that the dreams they’d dreamt and the wishes they’d’ made would all come true. In a moment is true, incandescent happiness, Killian and Emma said “I do”. They danced into the kind of forever that’d be embedded in their minds to the end of time inspiring them to smile even in the darkest times. True Love is a shared journey, and when we all began Once Upon A Time, somewhere in the back of our mind, no matter who it was with, this was the kind of wedding we imagined. Blissful, enamoring, and pure. Where villains and heroes would unite to celebrate love. 

What was your favorite scene this week?

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