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Spring ’17 Finale Roundup | Week II

| April 23-May 13 |

Where comedies are concerned Superstore and Black-ish are likely to never fail. And that’s a good thing because in the midst of the dramatic TV, we could always use shows like this to remind us of how fantastic it can all be.

Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actress
“Sprinkles” | Black-ish
Tracee Ellis Ross

I’m not sure what I was expecting from the Black-ish finale, but I was certain that phenomenal performances were in store. So the full-range of emotions Ross channeled starting from the moment she realized they have to induce labor to an emergency surgery followed by the happiness that resulted from Ruby referring to her as a daughter. Ross brought it all in the finale allowing us to see the visceral emotions of a desperate mother in a way that almost worried us. Then came the pure comedic moments. And to project those set of emotions made the pain that much more real. That’s why in the end, the sheer gratitude and joy that replaced the pain was a beautiful, layering touch.

Honorable Mention:
“Sprinkles” | Black-ish
Jenifer Lewis

Jenifer Lewis is a class act, and in a single moment she took my heart and filled with it rainbows (pun intended). Ruby loves her daughter-in-law. In spite of everything she continuously puts her through, in the back of her mind she knows that Bow has always been the perfect fit for her son. And that fact was reiterated in the panicky, raw moment where she proclaimed with a fervency in her spirit that someone needed to get her daughter a blanket. To deny it was so perfectly Ruby, but when you looked into Lewis’ eyes you could see the immense love and gratitude she holds in her heart for Bow. It’s there. It’s always been there.

Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actor
“Sprinkles” | Black-ish
Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson is a comedic genius, but when he needs to crumble and fall, he does so in a way that’s impeccably raw and realistic. And the pain Anderson brought to the screen in “Sprinkles” was heart shattering. Anderson made it clear that no matter what he’s gone through, nothing has prepared Dre for this moment. He cannot lose his wife. He cannot lose his child. And when he tells Ruby that he may lose Bow, Anderson depicted the expressiveness of a vulnerable, heartbroken little child with no strength but broken wounds. You knew everything would be okay, but it was also clear to understand that pain wasn’t easy to bear. That’s why in the final moments when he expressed fears of not wanting to see baby, you understand that he was terrified to get attached. But when he did, when he drew near and held his hand, a father’s love encompassed him most ardently.

Honorable Mention:
“Tornado” | Superstore
Ben Feldman

Ben Feldman has been slaying the Superstore game, but in “Tornado” a lot had changed for the character. In his awkward attempt to fix the mess he’d created with Amy during Cheyenne’s wedding, Feldman was hysterically confused, but when the storm hit and fear took over the woman he cares immensely for, Feldman played Jonah with a sense of immovable fear. For the first time in his life, he didn’t know what to say, that’s why when he says: “we’re gonna be fine”, it’s crystal clear in that moment, that he’d do anything to make sure Amy makes it out alive. The innate sincerity in his eyes cobbled with the ever-present adoration made for something so real. In the past, his feelings for Amy felt more like a crush, but today, it’s something else. He is too deep now and there’s nothing he can do about it.

Most Exquisite Moment
“Tornado” | Superstore 

Well, how could anything be more exquisite than the couple you’ve been rooting for finally having their moment in the midst of a tornado? Was it wrong of Amy? Yes. Was it rash? Completely. Was it real? Indescribably. So much of my attachment and fondness for the couple is potentially due to how much they remind me of The Office’s Jim and Pam. This kiss changes everything for Jonah and Amy because it showcased the fact that if this was their last day on earth, this is exactly how they’d want to spend it. You think Amy would’ve kissed anyone else in Cloud 9 if Jonah wasn’t the one by her side? Nope. And that’s just it, the kiss illuminated the fact that the two have grown to care profoundly for one another, but the circumstances they’re in forbid them from pursuing anything further. But in that moment, for a split second, they had everything — the only thing that could take them away from the threat they were facing was being together, the safety and the comfort of being around your best friend. But Amy’s life is very real, a husband, a child, and though things aren’t working out, storms like this tend to remind us of what matters. And even though Jonah is very real, and this kiss was very real, her family is number one. It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

“Wait what? What just happened?”
“Tornado” | Superstore 

Cloud 9 is destroyed and everything has changed. I don’t know what’s going to happen when Superstore resumes in the fall, but it’ll be a whole lot of fun to see them back into gear. After Jonah and Amy’s moment. Garrett and Dina’s. Mateo’s phone call with Jeff. A few employees being laid off. It’s going to be a hot, beautiful, hysterical mess and this is the show that keeps on giving.

What’s your pick for the finale roundups?

By: Gissane Sophia
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