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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

April 23-29
“Global Relief” | Madam Secretary

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It’s been another great week of television as Once Upon A Time kicked off  with a phenomenal, character driven episode. When Calls the Heart wrapped up its fourth season with a sweet ending. The Americans messed with our emotions. Prison Break reunited the brothers in a tear-jerker scene. Brooklyn Nine Nine gave us the status of the precinct in what should have been a longer episode. Chicago P.D. featured great moments with Voight’s character. Black-ish gave us two back to back incredibly fun episodes. And Superstore made our shipper hearts soar in an unparalleled moment of sincerity between Amy and Jonah. (This was my second choice, by the way.) But once again, Madam Secretary is the show that has delivered a truly exquisite moment.

At the moment, the McCord family is number one on my list of favorite platonic relationships. So often on television writers will handle kids in such unrealistic ways it becomes difficult to care about them, but where the McCord kids are considered, I care for each of them immensely.  They’re all tremendously flawed, imperfect, but real, and incredibly compassionate. And “Global Relief” was the perfect reminder of the fact that though Elizabeth McCord is the Secretary of State, she is, first and foremost, a mother. It doesn’t matter if she’s in the middle of a vital discourse because being present in the lives of her children will always take priority. She may have been miles away, but when it came down to the moment where Alison was supposed to hear from Rafferty, nothing could have stood in Elizabeth’s way.

And ultimately, in that moment, nothing mattered other than the fact that every single person was beaming for Alison. It doesn’t even matter that she’s decided against Rafferty because the scene was a gorgeous exhibition of the fact that this family will always be ridiculously and profoundly proud of one another. They’ll always be number one. Together or apart, they’ll always be there to offer the love, empathy, and support that’s needed. And if there’s one thing I will always appreciate, it is scenes between the McCord family because no TV drama does domesticity the way Madam Secretary does.

What was the most exquisite thing you watched this week?

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