Chicago P.D. 4×20 “Grasping for Salvation” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Case Summary: When the case currently in need of solving holds uncanny similarities to one that took place years ago, Voight and the team must go back to their old files to uncover whether the wrong person was imprisoned.

Review | Analysis: I’ve always been under the impression that TV shows are at their most riveting when the stories focus on the characters as opposed to the plot. But every now and then there are heavily plot-focused episodes that focus on characters as well. It’s rare, but it happens, and it when it does, it’s spectacular. “Grasping for Salvation” was that episode for Chicago P.D. I can’t remember the last time a case actually gripped me that wasn’t something I could predict from a mile away so this was a nice change.

Most Noteworthy Performer: Jason Beghe’s character was pulled through a subtle whirlwind this week and he brought the struggles to life masterfully through a full range of emotions. I appreciated the fact that Beghe showed the audience just how much guilt Voight’s currently engulfed with. And that guilt, encompassed with fear gave Beghe ample opportunities to show that this character is beginning to understand that this job has its consequences.

Most Exquisite Moment: We’re going to step away from the kind of scenes that generally end up in this category to talk about the scene that made me feel the most. And that happened in the end when Voight had a door shut in his face. The silence and stillness in his expression as he was rejected from the opportunity to apologize was so riveting. For once, Hank Voight doesn’t have the upper hand. For once, they’ve gone too far and the person on the other end can respond. And their response isn’t sugar-coated. It was dark. It was brutal. But sadly, it’s what the character needed in order to realize that they need to be more careful. He needs to be able to trust every single person he’s working alongside in order to put the right people behind bars.

Judging by Chicago P.D.’s track record, I don’t trust that we’ll be able to see more of Voight’s fallout. I don’t trust that we’ll see a change in him as we did this week. And if we do, well then all things will be wonderful.

Worth Mentioning: 

  • It was so much fun to watch Erin Lindsay in charge. And Sophia Bush took that on with phenomenal resiliency. I can see Lindsay as head of Intelligence one day. I also appreciated that little bit with Atwater calling her “ma’am”.
  • So, how’s Jay doing? How’s the support group? Are we ever going to find out?
  • And also, how’s Alvin? How’s his wife? How are they doing after Lexi’s death?

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?

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