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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

April 9-15
“Good Bones” | Madam Secretary

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TV took a mini hiatus this week (or so it seems), but what we did see surprised us with a lot of fantastic moments. Once Upon A Time gave us a glimpse into Gideon’s past. When Calls the Heart delivered a letter we were impatiently waiting for. The Americans broke us with Gabriel’s character. Brooklyn Nine Nine delivered a hysterically fun spring premiere episode. And Prison Break kicked things into motion. But it was Madam Secretary that’s left me in complete and utter awe.

“Good Bones” was an incredibly powerful episode from beginning to end. Whether it was Alison telling Jason that his silence towards people ridiculing her is a problem on its own, Jason standing up for her later on, or Elizabeth’s speech to the team, “Good Bones” was the episode that kept me up that night.

When Elizabeth realizes that her team is heavily distraught by the fact that they couldn’t save the captured girls, she questions why this is the one thing that’s traumatized them the most. And Leoni was remarkable in the scene as she genuinely wondered why this was the worst when they face a tragedy almost everything working in the office. Their replies, each vulnerable and sincere in their own way then felt like a dagger to the chest. But the team feeling as though they’ve blown it and they can’t seem to get back from it was heartrending. The reality, the unfortunate heartbreaking reality is that sometimes, innocent people suffer in order to eliminate all the bad eggs.

And though sometimes it’s not easy, it’s not even a little fun, it’s this world we live in, but Jay’s speech helped. A poem that worked with both Alison and Jason’s situation, and the team’s. A poem about how one small act can make a huge difference. And though bad things happen, we cannot give up attempting to make this world beautiful.

Life is short, though I keep this from my children.
Life is short, and I’ve shortened mine
in a thousand delicious, ill-advised ways,
a thousand deliciously ill-advised ways
I’ll keep from my children. The world is at least
fifty percent terrible, and that’s a conservative
estimate, though I keep this from my children.
For every bird there is a stone thrown at a bird.
For every loved child, a child broken, bagged,
sunk in a lake. Life is short and the world
is at least half terrible, and for every kind
stranger, there is one who would break you,
though I keep this from my children. I am trying
to sell them the world. Any decent realtor,
walking you through a real shithole, chirps on
about good bones: This place could be beautiful,
right? You could make this place beautiful.
“Good Bones” | Maggie Smith
What was your favorite thing you watched this week?

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