This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance: Daniel Lissing

March 26-April 1
“My Heart Will Go On” | When Calls the Heart
Daniel Lissing

Daniel Lissing has been putting on his finest performances to date since last week, showcasing his choice subtly through the quiet weariness in his expressions. But this week, Lissing was in full force with the approaches he took to bring his character’s struggles to life.

As he carried on the stance of a soldier, Lissing’s expression told the story of a broken man in desperate need of something more. A man heavily affected by a type of survivor’s guilt where his heart won’t be satisfied unless he does something about it. But Lissing made sure the audience could see that Jack’s greatest, heartiest concern was leaving Elizabeth behind — potentially resorting her to a life without him. And since last week’s episode, Lissing’s visage told the audience the story of a man in great turmoil — possibly the greatest one he’ll ever face.

But while that would’ve been enough to guarantee him a spot here, it’s the sheer adoration he conveyed after the proposal that allowed Lissing to tackle a full range of emotions in one episode. (Now this isn’t without the help of Erin Krakow who was an excellent scene partner to him from beginning to end allowing them both to play off one another in what appeared to be effortless work.) I appreciated Lissing’s gallant demeanor until the moment she said yes — the reminder that he’s still a Mountie was a remarkable showcase of the fact that Elizabeth is the only one who’s able to bring out the seamless elation.

But when Jack starts to open up to Rip, that’s when Lissing fully lets his guard down as he talks about Elizabeth being everything to him. Trying not to crumble and fall is something Lissing did best in an episode that asked him to keep strong — and the success comes from the fact that we could avidly see him try. When you looked into Jack’s eyes, Lissing made sure you could see a man desperately attempting to conceal just how much his heart’s breaking in spite of the unparalleled bliss within it.

Who were your favorite performers this week?

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    1. The writers of WCTH are outstanding, Daniel Lissing and Erin Krakow bring out the best in their characters as they tell the story of life in Hope Valley. These are strong people who have a well developed heart connection.

  1. Daniel Lissing is a phenomenal actor. His performances in every series and movie, especially When Calls the Heart, are Emmy worthy <3

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