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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

February 12-18
“Jack Pearson’s Son” | This is Us

TV took a little break this week, but with what aired, we were left with some excellent material. Timeless took us to back to 1931. Chicago P.D. gave us puppies and a reunion. Black-ish showed us the importance of keeping our friends close. Suits gave us a lesson in compassion. Nashville did what it does best delivering lots of drama. And Emerald City gave us back a little hope for our favorite couple. But I knew from the moment that it aired, that This is Us would take the crown this week with its ending.

It’s essentially too soon to tell, but this scene will probably be featured in our Best of 2017 reviews. It’s that good. When Kevin left the opening night of his show to comfort Randall, everything that Jack Pearson had done had been worth it — his legacy was intact. This moment of shared pain was as cathartic as can be. Two people who’ve never really understood one another, had never been closer. This was an incredibly bold and selfless move on Kevin’s behalf, and for Randall, it’d end up meaning the world — his brother finally chose to see him as a part of him. Blood may not run through their veins, but to the core, they’re brothers, and as broken as can be, the admiration that runs through their veins is thicker than blood.

This moment in all its raw, hauntingly vulnerable glory, was poetry. The encapsulation of overwhelming emotions all whirled up into one embrace showcased sincere adoration at its finest. And in this moment, no one could’ve been as useful — to have the one person Randall’s always believed was indifferent towards him show up to be his anchor was profoundly potent. Kevin embodied Jack Pearson’s son like he’d never done before, and in doing so, he made his brother’s deep despair a little more bearable. In the same way that Randall was always safe and calmed in his father’s presence, in this moment, at his absolute worst, he could find that same solace in his brother’s arms. Where Randall is at today, things have never been worse for him, physically and emotionally, thereby having Kevin next to him undoubtedly meant the world. And to paint such an exquisite, vulnerable picture as the two men embraced was heart wrenching, leaving me with very few words, but lots of tears.

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What was your favorite thing you watched this week?

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