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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

February 5-11
“Hurricane” | Nashville

As yet another exceptional TV week passes, we find ourselves conflicted with the choices we are to make. Timeless exhibited teamwork at its absolute finest. This is Us showcased that love doesn’t always die if you fight for it. Chicago P.D. gave us an incredibly solid episode painting the realistic horrors that take place in certain schools. Black-ish made a superb point when it comes to choosing a baby name. And Emerald City gave us domestic bliss before tearing our hearts into a million pieces. But it was this week’s episode of Nashville that stood out the most.

Deacon and Rayna are gold together. The wandering, the night drive, the kisses in the alley. Adorable. It’s that simple. But when they start singing, they’re magic. And it’s been incredible to watch their album writing process in all its messy, ugly, beautiful glory. It isn’t easy to dig up the past, but because it makes them who they are, it’s necessary for this growth period. And “My Favorite Hurricane” was a gorgeous start to their album.

Connie Britton and Charles Esten’s naturally electric chemistry often comes out most exquisitely during scenes like this. The raw, impeccable moments where Deacon and Rayna surrender to all that they are, and give in to the fire that’s burning within them. And like mirrors, they’ve inspired the other to bare the best and worst—because underneath everything, a person is most beautiful with all their flaws. While pain is in no way romantic, it’s poetic, and overcoming all their obstacles has made them stronger as a couple. It’s made them raw and exceptional as musicians. It’s made them solid as partners. They are each other’s compass in trying times—the anchor that’s grounded their hearts back home when they’ve stirred too far. Where words fail, music speaks, and for Deacon and Rayna, their music along with the writing process, tells profoundly gorgeous stories we would’ve otherwise never been able to see. These scenes has been an absolute gift to all, and it has made Nashville superb again.

Can we hold a prayer circle that it’s an actual album that’s later released? Not the normal soundtracks, but whatever they title this, let’s hope it’s an actual album the audience can purchase as well.

What was your favorite scene this week?

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