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This is Us 1×14 “I Call Marriage”

Big Three Moments of the Week

Spoilers Ahead

This is Us is special for a number of reasons, but its realistic portrayal of relationships and characters is undoubtedly one of the bigger reasons why people have gravitated towards it. And sometimes that realistic portrayal means that it’ll evoke emotions we don’t want to feel. “I Call Marriage” was the first episode that didn’t make me cry, but instead I found myself getting angry. I found myself getting frustrated and in doing so, it reminded me of the fact that life can get ridiculously ugly sometimes. And it’s in the midst of that ugliness where a person must decide what they want to do next, continue down the dark road, or strive towards improvement.

Scene I: Kevin and Sophie’s talk in the Subway.

As a kid, we aren’t given the opportunity to see how vast Kevin’s heart actually is, but as an adult, it’s riveting. Kevin’s love for Sophie continues to be the pleasant surprise the series has needed. And their journey towards fixing their marriage is making up for all the darkness that’s found everywhere else. It was lovely to see Kevin comfort Sophie knowing that she gets uncomfortable in tight spaces after a while, and that led to a gorgeous conversation about where their lives have been. Their journey is going to be anything but easy — Kevin is going to have to prove himself and try incredibly hard to win her trust back, but I have full faith in the fact that it’ll happen. And clearly, Sophie does, too. Because she chose to meet them at their booth knowing he’ll be waiting with volcano fries, it’s safe to assume that she sees the changes that are taking place in him. Justin Hartley wore such palpable sincerity in that final moment — Kevin’s never been more vulnerable, and Hartley makes sure the audience understands how special this moment truly is.

Scene II: Rebecca calls Jack a superhero

It’s safe to assume that Rebecca isn’t the favorite character right now (even Mandy Moore’s parents can agree, lol!even Mandy Moore’s parents can agree, lol!), but this was a fantastic moment for the character, and thus far, my favorite. Moore sold Rebecca’s admiration for her husband beautifully and although things will clearly change in the future, we know that she sees her husband’s worth. We know that she acknowledges just how much Jack does for her and the kids. It was sincere, it was bold, and it was a woman heavily insulted because her husband’s honorary character and adoration was question.

Scene III: Beth and the girls

As heartbreaking as this moment was, it was probably the most beautiful. And incredibly interesting as measures like this aren’t seen often on television. I love that Beth doesn’t sugarcoat the truth from her girls, and while Randall’s not ready to handle it, it was wise of her to prepare them because neither of them were prepared when it happened in the past. While this won’t make it easy on the kids when William passes, it’ll make easier. The memories they’ll have made and the box will make grieving a little less heartbreaking.

To be frank, “I Call Marriage” wasn’t my favorite episode. It was dark. It was heavy. And it drew in ideas I wasn’t prepared for. It’s safe to assume that everyone was a little more than just angry when we learned that Miguel and Rebecca were together. But the facts were somewhat less heartbreaking when we accepted that maybe it happened after Jack died. But “I Call Marriage” playing with the idea that it could’ve happened before wasn’t fun to deal with. Let’s hope we’re wrong though.

Further Thoughts: 

  • I loved seeing Wynn Everett back on my screen as Shelly. For those who know, she played Whitney Frost in Marvel’s Agent Carter.
  • I know Jack is constantly painted as the perfect husband every woman deserves, but I really think it’s about time we see some flaws in him because at this point all he’s doing is setting up unrealistic standards. Which I’m not opposed to, but it means that the men need to step up their games.
  • It saddens me that this was set up as their wedding episode because it felt more sad than anything else. Although I loved the scene of them reiterating their vows to one another, I wanted a little more out of the wedding in flashbacks.
  • I don’t think it’s wrong for Rebecca to want to go on a five state tour per say, but timing couldn’t have been more off. But that said, five states really isn’t that big of a deal, how long are we talking a month max? The family could definitely survive that.
  • I love that Toby gave Kate his grandmother’s ring. It makes their relationship that much more sweeter. And while I wasn’t a fan of him goofing off while everyone took the training seriously, those kicks were seriously sweet, and I want a pair.
  • Randall’s hands better be shaking from nerves and anxiety because if the show decides to say that he has some sort of a serious illness, I will riot. Seriously though no one messes with my favorite character. I will not stand for that.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?

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