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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance

January 29-February 4
“The Painting” | Suits
Gabriel Macht

Gabriel Macht has frequently done a remarkable job as the suave, sometimes sardonic attorney Harvey Specter, creating an irreplaceable charm and character. And when Suits began exploring Harvey’s innermost emotions, Macht came in with full force layering the character even further with heartfelt sincerity and moments of vulnerability. But in the midst of all that the audience could see that there were still things holding him back; while beginning to open up was good, he needed to act upon his feelings in order to fully come out of them. “The Painting” figuratively gave Macht the perfect canvas to bare the darkness that has lingered in Harvey for years.

The full range of emotions Macht channeled made Harvey’s journey feel organic. From his conversations with Donna in the beginning to learning about his brother’s cancer returning after the rage towards Bobby, Macht was on fire. And because Harvey’s present-day reunion with his mother was presented alongside the flashbacks of his father’s funeral, Macht was on double duty. After all the times he tells his mom off, when he finally states that he doesn’t want to be angry anymore, Macht wore such innocence in his expressiveness, it was heart wrenching. The man who has always had the answers is now at a place where he truly doesn’t know, and that shakes a person to their core.

And in following this emotional rhythm throughout the episode Macht’s outdone himself showcasing that the ever-present tinge of hollowness in his character is now slowly fading as Harvey comes to a place of unprecedented serenity. And it’s that very serenity that made the rest of the episode exquisite — without a doubt, one of the greats in Suits history. Obligatory homage to actress Brynn Thayer, a superb scene partner for Macht as Lily, Harvey’s mother. If she wasn’t as excellent, the scene’s wouldn’t have felt as raw and evocative. 

Honorable Mention:

“Dead or Alive” | The Flash
Candice Patton

Since learning about her potentially short future, Iris has been more determined than ever, allowing Candice Patton to explore the character in ways we’ve yet to see. And as the fierce journalist crumbled at the idea of not leaving a mark, Patton was astonishing in her display of raw, incredibly relatable vulnerability. In what may have been the actress’ finest moments, Patton continues to remind us of West’s unparalleled importance by showcasing the vastness of her heart. Iris is a journalist because of how fiercely she cares and how deeply she values the truth. She’s a journalist because of how fervently she cares. But she’s also a human being and human beings are susceptible to all sorts of triggering ideas, and no one wants to believe they can be forgotten.

“Karma Chameleon” | Timeless
Matt Lanter

Timeless continues to show off its perfectly gifted cast and this week’s MVP was Matt Lanter in his heart wrenching portrayal of Wyatt Logan. As we’d mentioned in our episode review, this was Matt Lanter’s strongest performance to date showcasing a wide range of emotions through his expressiveness and physicality. Lanter broke through Wyatt’s stoic front with raw vulnerability and heart. You felt Wyatt’s pain. You felt Wyatt’s distress. And most importantly, his empathy was on full display.

Who were your favorite performers this week?

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