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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

January 29-February 4
“The Painting” | Suits 

As another marvelous TV week went by, and while we found ourselves with difficult choices, Suits remained at the top of our list. But to be frank, it was in tough competition with this week’s episode of Timeless and Emerald City. 

As the members of Pearson Specter Litt try to adjust to a life without Jessica, the audience is given ample opportunities to dive into their hearts further. And as Harvey made amends with his mother this week, it opened up his heart to the possibility of serenity. Thereby, as he and Donna hung the painting up again, you could feel the sense of completeness captivate the room. You could feel the sense of happiness begin to make its way into these characters lives.

And that happiness means a lot for those of us who want a certain couple to get together. I appreciated Harvey asking Donna to help him hang the picture. And I appreciated the cinematography framing them as a pair. Harvey and Donna have always understood one another in ways no one else could, and because of the mutual comfort they’ve shared, it’s been easy to share moments vulnerability with one another. And this was a moment of vulnerability unlike anything else because they were finally content. The future was promising. And if this moment isn’t bold indication of the fact that Donna is incredibly special to Harvey, I don’t know what is. He could’ve hung the painting on his own, but choosing to have her help him not only showcased his appreciation of what she’s done for him, but it authenticated the fact that she too is family. She’s just as valuable and as remarkable as the painting that’s always made him feel at home.

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What was your favorite TV moment this week!?

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