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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

January 15-21
“Girl Meets Goodbye” | Girl Meets World

I had my choice prepared for this week completely forgetting (or perhaps in denial) about the fact that Girl Meets World would air its final episode. And then it happened resulting in me writing through my tears. But this week wasn’t without beautiful moments. Sunday’s Madam Secretary kicked off the week with an intriguing and gorgeous episode. Monday’s Timeless and Tuesday’s This is Us continue to leave me in awe. And Nashville’s fifth season continues to remind us of all the reasons why we’ve fallen in love with it.

But Girl Meets World is special and saying goodbye to this show isn’t easy.

I’ll be the first to admit that it wasn’t easy falling in love with Girl Meets World as a revamped version of Boy Meets World. It was actually a little hard to avoid the modernized aesthetics and awkwardly placed jokes at first. However, the moment it became clear that Riley Matthews and Maya Hart were each other’s person, it became effortless. By the third episode, the series has established enough groundwork to make Girl Meets World stand alone while intricately reminding viewers of what made Boy Meets World special. And that unique speciality comes from the intricate focus on friendships — the power of kindness, hope, and understanding. In its final episode, “Girl Meets Goodbye” mirrored “Brave New World” in the best way it could’ve by drawing back to that moment as a monumental time in their lives they’re revisiting in different circumstances.

In this final episode, Girl Meets World reminded its viewers of the fact that home is a place where we find ourselves and lose ourselves. And to showcase this through Topanga’s eyes felt right. It felt right to see her in a place where everything made sense. It felt right that she’d tell Riley and Maya that their bay window adventures always inspired her. When you think about it, Topanga never had a Maya — she had great friends, but she didn’t have a Maya. And as much as Cory was her extraordinary relationship, to experience the kind of profound friendship like her daughter was absent for a while. That’s why Daniel Fishel’s delivery of the decision was filled with so much sincerity, I was left bawling. And when they alter united in Topanga’s again, I appreciated Cory revisiting “Brave New World” by mentioning the story he’d told Josh.

Also, Shawn wanting to adopt Maya as his own was everything I could’ve asked for. And for it to have occurred in front of Feeny and Turner was perfect. This was it. The boy who’d grown up with the belief that traditional wasn’t in his future and happiness wouldn’t always meet him down the road found someone he’d give his life for. And because that someone isn’t blood related him, it makes the situation that much more special. Shawn’s love for Katie is everything he could’ve hoped for, and a daughter like Maya is everything he’s needed. And a father like Shawn is what Maya’s always needed.

Girl Meets World is special and I’m sad that the series had to end so quickly. But if it did have to go, I’m glad it went reminding us of the fact that changes are okay and life always finds a way to be good. In the end, it’s always good. It’s always going to be good. And I’m sure I’ll find myself talking about this episode again someday.

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