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This is Us 1×12 “The Big Day”

Big Three Moments of the Week

Spoilers Ahead

Welcome welcome welcome to our very first This is Us dedicated segment, “The Big Three Moments of the Week”! If you aren’t already watching the critically acclaimed network drama, stop what you’re doing, grab some tissues, and watch. You’ll be hooked from the very first episode — so far, every person I’ve suggested it to has caught up and is now obsessed. Do it. And what better way to begin these reviews then after the episode that was essentially a different version of the exquisite Pilot. “The Big Day” took what we already knew about the initial big day and made it even more special, raw and complex showcasing sides of the story we never even imagined.

Sometimes these moments will feature a favorite scene based on each of the kids, sometimes it’ll be about one, sometimes it’ll be about the parents, sometimes it’ll be about the flashbacks. Three is a sacred number in this show and that’s why I’ve chosen to honor it.

Scene I: Rebecca talks to the kids while Jack secretly records.

Mandy Moore continues to bring in perfectly nuanced, raw performances that showcase just how well written Rebecca Pearson is. And I’ve never loved Rebecca more than I did during this organic breakdown. If a single person stands up and says they are not flawed, they’re lying through their teeth. Thereby, I appreciated the choice writers made to make sure Rebecca’s fall is seen is by the audience. Thus far, she’s been the character we’ve questioned most, and I love that the series isn’t shying away from baring the ugly. Rebecca’s choice to acknowledge that she’s impatient and stubborn have not only made her that much more realistic, but they’ve shown pregnancy in a different light. They’ve revealed the sides that often get sugarcoated in media — sometimes it’s painful, sometimes it’s frustrating, and especially with triplets, I’m pretty sure it’s downright exhausting. And when she felt the kids kick after she asked if they still want to come out knowing everything she that she is, Moore was at her most radiating. The sheer, vulnerable bliss that made its way onto her face was magical. That’s why Jack revealing that he was recording made for such a gorgeous family moment. Love isn’t without the absence of arguments and dark times, but it’s found in the moments of honesty. And it’s in those honest moments where we are our most vulnerable. It’s in those honest moments where we are most beautiful, and the fact that Jack’s able to see that showcases the profound level of adoration he carries.

Scene II: Dr. Katowski’s conversations with his wife.

I’m so thrilled that we’ve gotten to know more about Dr. Katowski throughout the season. I’m so thrilled that he wasn’t just a character we were introduced to whose impact was forgotten. Anytime this man comes back in to the lives of the Pearson family, everything feels right again. And when he told his now deceased wife that he spoke about the child they’d lost for the first time in a very long time, I lost it. When he tearfully stated that he’s hoping him moving on is what she would’ve wanted, I was already ugly crying. The value of a scene like this is what reveals just how precious life truly is — the important role kindness can play in the lives of other people. We’re introduced to people without knowing of the darkness they live through. We’re introduced to people who must stay strong for us when they’re breaking in solitude. And to know that he’s held onto his wife and still talks to “her” constantly was heartshattering. But showcasing that he moves on shortly after meeting the Pearson family beautifully reveals the importance of human interaction. And how one meeting can change things forever. Without even realizing it, both the Pearson family and the Katwoski family was impacted by their meeting and for This is Us to show us this side too felt complete.

Scene III: Pearson family home videos.

This is Us does quiet moments in a way no other show can. And in those brief quiet moments, performances are so outstanding, we often learn a 101 things we’d never otherwise see. We see raw beauty in the form of an imperfect family that’s filled with encompassing love. In that quiet moment when Jack and Rebecca held hands, everything felt right. Their intimacy exhibited the beautiful unity that their family has always possessed. Through the darkest hours and the ugliest, they are each other’s everything. And it’s because of that unity that despite their differences, the kids have always remained in each other’s lives. They’ve seen what family is and family is forever.

Further Thoughts:

  • Rebecca’s adorable attempt to make Jack a cake for his forgotten birthday was the sweetest thing and somehow even more adorable considering she’s pregnant, and it’s probably really hard to move around.
  • It was interesting to see the firefighter attempt to make amends with his wife, and it was also great to see that it wasn’t through a baby, but rather their choice to simply start over.
  • Were people seriously allowed to smoke in a hospital around babies back then because I’m pretty sure that’s not healthy? And a firefighter too? I mean don’t get me wrong “you do you, pal”, but smoking in the presence of babies? Please don’t. Think of their precious lungs and despite the fact that they’re in a different room, it’s still a bit disturbing.
  • EMPIRE STRIKES BACK reference! It deserves to be in caps.
  • Jack Pearson is husband goals and I will say this in every single review.

What were your favorite moments in this week’s episode of This is Us?

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