Chicago P.D. 4×11 “You Wish” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Case Summary: When a man is found dead, a young girl becomes the suspect, but when it turns out that she’s the victim of sexual assault and was merely trying to defend herself neighborhood secrets lead the Intelligence unit to a different set of officers.

Review | Analysis: Thankfully, “You Wish” was a great of example of how Chicago P.D. is at its best: a thrilling case and intricately balanced storylines that remind viewers of how wonderful these characters truly are.

Most Noteworthy Performance: It was a tough call between Sophia Bush and Marina Squerciati this week, but with the subtlety in Squerciati’s performance, I loved watching her in every scene. Sometimes, you need to give your all and show your core, and that’s what Bush did beautifully, but I appreciated watching Burgess evolve as a detective with each scene. I appreciated Squerciati painting each of Burgess’ emotions with depth and sincerity. The evident growth that was taking place within her was poignantly present throughout her expressiveness and in the final scene especially, you could tell she was beginning to grasp the reality of this job.

Most Exquisite Moment: This was also a tough call considering how adorable Jay’s reactions to Erin’s baby pictures were, but after the disastrous out-of-character moment with Olinsky last week, I’m glad the series brought back the character we’ve all fallen in love with. I appreciated Olinsky giving Burgess the shots she deserves. I appreciated his acknowledging her as a member of the unit, but most importantly I appreciated his quote about doing things despite the fact that people don’t always listen. In light of recent events in the world, the choice to subtly promote the power of a person’s voice was profound. And Burgess needed to remember that no matter how hard she tries, sometimes she’ll be shut out, but as long as she fights for what she believes, she’ll be admired and seen as a hero in her unit.

Worth Mentioning:

  • As strange as this may seem to some, I’m a fan of couples fighting on television. And I’m especially a fan if it’s healthy because let’s remember that love can be messy and these things are completely normal. That said, I was worried Jay would go behind Erin’s back to get the DNA test, but the sole fact that he told her he was doing it gave her the platform to object once more. And when she didn’t, that then showcased that a part of her did indeed want to know. However, it also makes sense that she’d be upset at the result and thereby, her anger would be directed toward Jay. While I almost wish Jay wouldn’t get the results, I understand the need to make sure she’s safe because that matters to him more than anything. Jay’s inability to lie to her is what often stands out as one of the defining parts of their relationship — their honesty and attentiveness to one another have led to better understanding and stronger adoration. The foundation their relationship is built on is trust and while no part of that trust was wrongfully violated, their argument as a steady couple was necessary to grow. And I especially appreciated Jay apologizing because while his intentions were good, he’s the last person that wants to bring Erin any pain. It felt right. I’m intrigued with how this plays out because surely now it’ll lead to a quest in actually finding her real father and the growth the couple will face because of this will be perfect.
  • I also appreciated Atwater and Rixton’s bonding.
  • And lastly, I felt that Jimmy’s reaction was blown way out of proportion, but seriously knowing Bunny, this probably shouldn’t be shocking. However, for once, it actually seemed as though Bunny was being genuine so I’m intrigued to learn about who else she’d been with.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?


  1. It brought me pleasure with this episode. It had season 1 and 2 vibes. It reminded me why I still watch every week and why I love these characters. I just hope that Voight isn’t the dad you didnt mention it in your review but I hope they don’t go that route. I don’t think Bunny was being genuine at all. She was only there for one thing which was money. She doesn’t care about her daughter. I disagreed with Jay at first because you could see how desperately she wanted this and how. She ranted some stability and Jay had to ruin it with doing the DNA test. I also love the fighting things you talked about. It makes the couples seem so real. The acting was phenomenal.

    1. I did mention it in the Worth Mentioning section. That’s my concern too. I don’t want him being the father because it completely takes the whole “you don’t have to be blood to be family” thing out of the picture. I’ve always appreciated that Voight just genuinely cared for her.

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