Chicago P.D. 4×09 “Don’t Bury This Case” and 4×10 “Don’t Read the News” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Case(s) Summary: After Severide’s car is found at the scene of a hit and run, he becomes the suspect in what turns out to be Vehicular Homicide. Erin’s father comes into the picture. Burgess tries to settle in with Intelligence. Ruzek goes undercover.

Most Noteworthy Performance:  If I had more time, I’d watch Chicago Fire because Taylor Kinney’s performances often leave me thoroughly impressed. And while this may be cheating because he isn’t really a member of Chicago P.D., Kinney stole the show with his honest, overwhelmingly heartfelt sincerity. And when Severide says that he doesn’t deserve to be fought for if it turns out he’s guilty, my heart was in pieces. You understood his guilt in a way that felt haunting. Severide’s heart and the magnitude of goodness it’s filled with despite whatever painful issues he’s personally dealing with. To not watch Chicago Fire, but to see a character’s heart in a single episode showcases great strength in an actor. And while I knew he wouldn’t be guilty, never have I hoped for something so desperately on Chicago P.D. 

Most Exquisite Moment: I’m a fan of childhood treasures making their way into a series to show us where a character comes from. And to reveal that Erin’s dad has actually kept pictures was a beautiful surprise I wasn’t expecting. It may very well be a fantasy, but as Lindsay states, it’s one I want to believe in for a while. I often believed that Lindsay’s dad was abusive, but the fact that she has no recollection of that was probably just an assumption I’m glad was false. And to leave her with a flicker of hope was nice.

I also really loved the fact that despite going against her initial desire, Jay was honest about it. And that’s kind of what I was hoping for. I wasn’t too thrilled with it, but it’s easy to understand where Jay’s coming from in this situation. Jay’s number one priority will always be Erin, and making sure she’s going into something honorable is his goal. He had to make sure she’d be safe. And I understood that desire which is why I’m glad he asked again wanting to make sure that this time, she knows he’ll do the background check. And if she says no, which she did, then it’s out of the picture.

Chicago P.D. isn’t what it used to be and if I’m being perfectly honest, it’s become incredibly difficult to write about. I find myself upset more often than I should be. There are a lot of things that continue to occur that are entirely out of character (i.e. Olinsky’s comments to Burgess.), and I’m not someone who can sit here judging an episode harshly. I’m not a critic. I’m someone who’ll write about the things she loves and if there’s something that’s bothering me, I will publicly stay quiet. I can voice my concerns, but when the negatives outweigh the positives, that doesn’t make me feel good or honorable as a writer. That said, the structure of our Chicago P.D. reviews will not be changing. They will remain brief and focused on a performer + scene. I would stop writing about the show in its entirety, but for the time being, I still care about these characters deeply.

What are your thoughts on Chicago P.D’s two-part episode/crossover with Chicago Fire?


  1. I loved both of the episodes! I’m a huge fan of the Chicago series!!!! I have been watching since pd came out!!! I feel in love with the show and immediately caught up on fire and have been a fan of every show ever since! I definitely think if you have time in the future you should for sure go back and watch all the episodes. Not only will it help you understand the characters more, but you’ll just get all the shows even more! I know you didn’t watch fire but I love how everythinfg leader up to the crossover part! Like dawsey is married and they are dealing with the birth father trying to take Louie away from them! They had a little firehouse drama which was funny kinda. We saw severide deal with donating bone marrow to Anna even thougg I didn’t happen yet! As for the pd part I love how we got Lindsay and severide. Last time we saw them together they were a kinda couple. It’s cool to see them have scenes together. I’d like it more in the future! Also i loved jealous jay and how protective he is and I loved how eveybrunt connected I knew severide wouldn’t be convicted of the crime cause they wouldn’t get rid of a main character of fire like that! I’m happy burgess is in intelligence! It’s cool to see her join the team upstairs! And I’m also excited that We have a new guy too! So much happened! I like how jay is being protective going further and I don’t trust jimmy!

    1. I watch Fire when an episode is in a crossover but that’s about it. I can’t personally do all the crossovers because I’m very fainthearted when it comes to Med so that’s out as well. But thank you for your sweet words. And I too really liked seeing Severide and Lindsay together as friends because it’s clear the two care a lot for one another.

  2. It’s understandable about the last section because I feel the exact same way. I love your reviews and it’s one of the only reasons i still come to this site. Let’s hope that a new year will change a few things about the show. I personally believe that they are listening to the critics and trying a few new things out hopefully for the best.

  3. I know we’ve already talked about this episode but I have a lot of feelings about you and your secondhand love for Severide. Taylor Kinney is amazing, whether Severide is heartbreaking or frustrating. I love that in just a few scenes, you were able to see who he is as a character and the depth Kinney brings to the role.

    1. And I love those kind of characters most where you won’t even watch the show, but you can see it in the gif sets or the brief moments they come in that the character is just special. Thanks x a million, love. For all your comments. This was so much fun to read through and revisit xxo

  4. I’ve been going back and reading your analysis of linstead and I totally think you should watch lucifer because I would love to hearead you thoughts on the show. I know you’ve told me before that you couldn’t review but I think this show is worthy of your expertise.

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