Chicago P.D. 4×07 “300,000 Likes” and 4×08 “A Shot Heard Round the World” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

“Never hold back a rising star.”

Case Summary: In “300,000 Likes” a former prisoner is convicted of calling the shots from inside the prison walls. And in “A Shot Heard Round the World”, two officers are shot and killed after the entire department is targeted in what’s presumed to be revenge for police brutality. But what it turns out to be is an unstable human specifically targeting the unit because he was expelled from the Academy.

Review | Analysis: Chicago P.D.’s two-part fall finale was solid and it left viewers with a great deal to digest. But as it’s no surprise to any frequent reader, it’s the stories the team told that left me in awe. And due to the ugly crying that ensued, my mascara was gone before I could bust out the makeup-removing wipes. Chicago P.D. has stood its ground uniquely because of its team and in the finale, things changed drastically.

Before I begin rambling about the importance of Antonio Dawson’s character, it’s key to note that “A Shot Heard Round the World” wasn’t easy to swallow. In the storylines the series targets, we were able to see the ramifications of police officers losing one of their own. I didn’t imagine Burgess’ partner would quit right away, but it was an interesting side to see as it’s not frequent in the world of television — in light of dark times, people often fight their hardest, but watching him refuse out of fear and frustration was something to think about. But it’s Platt’s speech that had me applauding: there will always be good cops and bad cops, but this unit’s entire goal is to serve and protect. This unit’s goal is justice. This unit’s goal is to serve their time for those in need. And Platt was the perfect person to remind her team of that because, in spite of everything she’s been through, the unit’s been her home. This job is home.

And now for the hard part. I’m not ready to say goodbye to Antonio Dawson. In fact, I’ve pondered not writing this review. I’ve even pondered quitting the show altogether. Maybe one day I’ll have the time to write about the pangs of losing a favorite character, but today’s not that day. I’m a firm believer in the fact that a writer should be honest with their readers, and that’s why I’m sharing this with you all. Antonio Dawson is my second favorite character on this show. He’s been someone I’ve cared for from the very first episode. And he’s been someone whose journey I’ve always appreciated. I know he’s going to be in Chicago Justice but it’s not the same. And as a fan, I’m saddened by this.

However, I appreciated the series bringing in Attorney Stone to formally offer Antonio the position. And while I didn’t think he’d hesitate due to the discomfort he was displaying lately, I loved hearing the team tell him he deserves it.

It’s never easy leaving a job where your coworkers are like family. In fact, it’s the hardest. Although Antonio won’t be a stranger in their lives, it’s still a great change going from seeing one another every day to sporadically. But to leave knowing he’s a rising star who’s always been destined for greatness made for an exquisite scene unlike any other. And I’m excited to see Antonio call the shots from here on out while having the time to spend with his children. And also, having more time to find love. (How cute are he and Sylvie Brett? I don’t even watch Chicago Fire but they’re adorable!)

I also really loved Jay’s goodbye to Antonio. Because I had actually forgotten Jay was brought in because of Antonio and to have this incredibly vulnerable moment with the men was exceptional. Their dynamic, in terms of friendship, has always been my favorite. And that’s why it hurts too much because I’m going to miss seeing them in the same unit. I’m going to miss seeing them insult one another with jokes such as “okay hooked on phonics.” Antonio believed in Jay from the very beginning and it’s that belief that has essentially made Jay braver and better. It’s the belief that’s had him striving towards his best and Jesse Lee Soffer conveyed Jay’s gratitude beautifully in that scene. Soffer and Jon Seda were at their finest in the locker rooms showcasing the depth of their brotherhood masterfully in an embrace that promised they’d be in each other’s lives to the end.

I was a little underwhelmed by the goodbye for Antonio at Molly’s but his speech had me in tears from the moment he raised his glass. He’ll be greatly missed, but thankfully he won’t be a stranger to Molly’s and we’ll at least be able to see him there.

In conclusion, both episodes were riveting, but I hate having to combine them into one review because they don’t always work together as gracefully as episodes of Once Upon A Time do. But here we are concluding the fall finale already. A solid A- two-hour episode filled with riveting performances and heartbreaking stories. If there’s one thing Chicago P.D. is especially good at, minus the continuity, it knows how to tug on my heartstrings through the unit’s interrelationships.

Worth Mentioning:

  • It must have been some sort of a Christmas miracle to finally see Kim and Adam acknowledge the other’s existence. It still irritates me to my core every time I think about the fact that the two of them were never given the chance to properly sit down and talk about the issues they’re having. But perhaps with Kim finally joining Intelligence, the opportunity will present itself.
  • I’m excited to see the stories that’ll be told through Lindsay’s dad coming into the picture.

What are your thoughts on the finale?

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