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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

November 6-12
Heartless” Once Upon A Time

It’s been a quiet week in the TV-verse and a devastating week in the real world. FOX’s Pitch was pretty remarkable reminding us all of what an extraordinary team the San Diego Padres are. And Sunday’s episode of Madam Secretary finally put an end to the stalker situation the McCord family was dealing with. Through it all, thankfully, it was Once Upon A Time’s “Heartless” that’s remained as a captivating life through it all.

Once Upon A Time is a culmination of stories. Stories that are told through the eyes of heroes and villains. Stories of love and friendships and families. And in “Heartless” we were reminded of the idea that our stories begin long before we even understand what’s occurring.

“Heartless” was Once Upon A Time at its most romantic. And  when it comes to romance, no one paints it with as much innocence as Snow and Charming. But what made this episode exquisite in its entirety was the way the stories came together. It was Killian re-telling Emma the story of her parents while the audience was given the chance to see it unfold in a different way. Without getting carried away into yet another full blown review (it could happen), we’ll leave it at this: Snow White and Prince Charming creating a spark with their innocence was magic at its finest. It was beautiful to see that unwavering belief from both Charming and Killian serve as an emblem of hope for both Snow and Emma in trying times.

What was the most exquisite thing you watched on TV this week?

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