Chicago P.D. 4×06 “Some Friend” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Case Summary: When a dead body is found in the house of a man Olinsky knows, things get personal in the Intelligence unit. And after Lindsay receives flowers that weren’t sent by Jay, concerns arise.

Review | Analysis: “Some Friend” was an acute example of how intriguing this show can be. It’s admirable to want to genuinely set a strong example for someone in order to help them improve their lives. But if that person doesn’t respond in an honorable way, how do we respond that shows our character? The Intelligence unit and almost everyone who works for law enforcement do so because they selflessly seek justice, and while things don’t always go as planned, with the exception of Voight they’ve often reacted in ways that have been admirable.

Alvin Olinsky hasn’t been the focus of Chicago P.D. too often and when he is, the episode is always memorable. Olinsky’s empathy has been a bright light in a dark world, and “Some Friend”gave that light the opportunity to shine beautifully.

My issue with Chicago P.D. lately has been the lack of balance between characters and the absence of a bold, engaging theme that runs throughout the episode. And while “Some Friend” lacked in threading the scenarios with an effortless theme, Elias Koteas’ performance was enough to make it wonderful.

Most Noteworthy Performance: Elias Koteas is an unbelievably gifted actor and I can only hope he’s given more opportunities such as “Some Friend” to display his gifts. Koteas is great at revealing a great deal without overdoing the moment. And his bouts of anger cobbled with the calmness he displayed in an attempt to learn who killed Maya was genius. Koteas was in full force in “Some Friend” organically revealing emotions that felt palpable.

But it was the silent tears Olinksy cried in the end which broke me. Elias Koteas was brilliantly captivating as Olinsky sat alone crying at the loss of innocence and the heartrending reality of some women. And while this isn’t confirmed, it wouldn’t surprise me if his daughter was on his mind. She could’ve been in that same position if he wasn’t in her life. She could’ve been in that position if her life took a different turn. And the hollowness threaded strategically with heartache in his expressiveness was masterful. Koteas knows how to say a thousand words with a single look in his eyes and as Olinsky sat there in silence, Koteas made sure his expression screamed as loud as it could displaying a number of emotions perfectly.

Worth Mentioning

  • Jay’s concerns for Erin this week were exceptional. While the two of them are incredibly independent, a man isn’t going to take his girl getting flowers from an anonymous admirer. And I loved that Jay looked at this not as a boyfriend, but as a cop. The world they’re in is corrupt and protecting her is his number one concern. That’s why when she mentioned the caller hanging up, his expression changed in a way I didn’t expect. Jay wasn’t going to think about the flower situation too much when he learned it’s something a person’s known for doing, but when the caller was persistent, he knew running the number was wise. And because they knew people like Yates, I understand where his concerns are coming from. I’m curious as to how her father re-entering her life will play into everything, but the flowers were an interesting way of introducing the storyline.
  • Burgess’ new partner is okay, but I still miss Tay.


  1. Yes. Yes. Yes. I understand everything and I’ve always been a big fan of the personal story-lines no matter who they focus on so this was amazing to see. Elias did this justice and he even got me at the end while he was watching the video. I also can’t wait to see what will happen between Lindsay and her father. I still want focus on Ruzek and Atwater since there are so many things I still want to know about them. I want more screen time to see what they are up to in their personal lives: like Linstead and moving in, Al and his living situation and daughter, why does Atwater live with his siblings, Ruzek and his dad situation, Jay and PTSD. and I really want Jay to have a story line w/o it concerning Lindsay.

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