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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

October 30 – November 5
Wear It” | Pitch

We should really stop saying this week’s moment was difficult to choose because it seems the universe chooses to step it up every single week. But on a serious note, this was the toughest choice we’ve had to make since the season began. Sunday’s Once Upon A Time gave us yet another compelling and swashbuckling adventure. Timeless’ “The Alamo” fortified the team’s bond beautifully. The Flash and This Is Us played with family dynamics beautifully. The Cubs broke their 108 year curse with an intense game that went down in history. And Thursday’s Pitch dealt with mental health in a perfect episode that showcased our heroine’s deep struggles.

But Pitch’s choice to deal with such raw emotions was perhaps one of the best things I’ve ever watched as a TV fan.

Mental Health isn’t often dealt with on media despite the attention it’s been getting lately, it still remains as a taboo subject. However, Pitch hasn’t shied away from dealing with raw emotions in its freshman year and if this show doesn’t continue further, it’d be an even bigger disappointment than ABC’s Pushing Daisies. 

Essentially, Pitch dealt with the subject in a way that serves us a profound reminder to all of us — even the strongest fall. Even the strongest feel overwhelmed. Even the strongest have a breaking point. And executing the idea that it’s normal to doubt our career choices was an amazing, unexpected twist. We all go through moments of insecurity where our entire world seems like an abyss we’re stuck in, but knowing we aren’t alone is always comforting. Thereby, exploring these emotions through the eyes of the first woman to join Major Leagues Baseball was brilliant. If someone like Ginny Baker experiences panic attacks and anxiety, it gives viewers a safe place to fall. Pitch is a safe place. It’s a series with a strong female lead who isn’t afraid of being vulnerable, honest, and open. It’s a safe place to remember that asking for help isn’t a weakness but rather something that requires immeasurable strength.

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What was the most exquisite thing you watched this week?

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