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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

October 16-22
The Pool” | This Is Us

It’s been another week on television featuring a number of great moments from Once Upon A Time’s “Strange Case”, Brooklyn Nine Nine’s fourth annual Halloween special, and Timeless’ gorgeous third episode. But it’s This Is Us’ “The Pool” that’s left me most impressed.

This Is Us continues to break my heart in every episode, but it’s done with such raw vulnerability and honesty, I love every moment of it. And in this week’s episode, it was once again Rebecca’s concerns for her children that left me broken. The series continues to write real issues as they are — quick, damaging, and unfiltered. Whether it was Rebecca’s reaction to the criticism about Randall being around white people more or her choice to later suggest a play date, I was left in awe of how beautifully this show depicts real life human emotions. No mother will ever take criticism towards her kid gracefully at first, but with a little thought, she’ll find the means to communicate respectfully. And seeing that on display took a lot of risk, but I’m thrilled the writers are portraying these issues because they’re still out there. I for one can’t wait to see more interactions like this with the two races because I trust that this show will display how it should be — filled with kindness and acceptance showcasing that there’s absolutely no superiority, only love.

Additionally, I also loved how protective Jack was over the kids mocking Kate’s weight. In his eyes, his daughter is perfect and it doesn’t matter what she looks like, but coming to the realization that kids aren’t kind to her wasn’t easy for him. But the story he told about his magic shirt was beautiful. This is what fathers do best, in dark times they remind their little girls that they can be whoever they want to be because in their father’s eyes they’ll be just that. If she wants to be a ninja, he’ll see her as a ninja, if she wants to be a princess, well, she’s always been a princess for him anyway. And I loved how quickly Kate was filled with happiness again because that’s exactly what happens to us when we’re kids. We see the world through brighter eyes and because we want to believe something so badly, it almost instantaneously becomes a reality when we have people fervently loving and believing in us.

What was the most exquisite thing you watched this week!?

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