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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

October 9-15
The Break” | Pitch 

It’s been a minute since our last This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment post, and we’re happy to state that we’re back in full swing now. And of course, our decision was ridiculously hard to make. Whether it was the plethora of amazing moments on Once Upon A Time’s “The Other Shoe”, the lovely moments in NBC’s new drama This Is Us, or the solid second episode of Timeless, we were in for a treat. But the decision came down to Pitch’s fourth episode that I’ve shamelessly watched probably over five times now. Oops?

Pitch is the best new show for a number of reasons and Katie over at Nerdy Girl Notes  perfectly lays down why we should all be watching it. And while “The Break” was full of extraordinary scenes that showcase the importance of Ginny Baker’s role, it was the final scene between Kylie Bunbury and Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s Ginny and Mike that’s left me in awe.

It’s rare to develop solid relationships within four episodes and the potential romance aside, Pitch has done an excellent job realistically painting these characters. There’s a profound connection between Mike and Ginny that resonates with the audience in a number of ways. At the end of the day it’s clear that not only are they teammates, but they’re essentially each other’s person. When Mike picked up the phone to call someone, I’m sure many of us imagined it’d be Amelia, but when Ginny picked up the phone, everything changed. It’s been four episodes but it’s already clear that Mike’s torn and broken — his physical state is draining him. And his choice to uplift Ginny instead reveals such remarkable character. It isn’t surprising why they’re so easy to “ship”. He wants the absolute best for her and she wants the same for him. Mike and Ginny speak highly of one another and believe in one another, but it’s the effortless comfort they find in each other that’s special.

And that’s perhaps why the phone call is so poignantly beautiful. The two of them weren’t entirely “all good”, but they’d be okay. In their vulnerable states, it was effortless to laugh with one another, and if that’s not the most evident hint of something magical blossoming between them then I don’t know what is. Bunbury and Gosselaar have already developed riveting chemistry, and even their momentary silence spoke wonders. Bunbury and Gosselaar gave their characters realistic depth during this conversation by showcasing how easily they’re able to impact one another. Physically apart, but they’d never been closer. Physically apart, but the other’s voice on the line was an unexpected lullaby they never knew they needed. Through their calming expressions and infectious laughter, profound admiration was effortlessly illuminated revealing that even during the most solemn nights, they’d find serenity with each other.

What was your favorite TV moment this week?

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    I was so sad because I had a migraine today, so I couldn’t do my Best Thing on TV post this week—but you did it for me! You so beautifully articulated what made that scene so special; it’s rare to have a relationship that feels as real and as deep as theirs so early in a show’s run. The warmth that radiated from both of them in that scene was stunning. And what got me the most was the fact that Mike looked so young when her laugh made him laugh. Here’s a guy who is so worried about getting older and breaking down, but when she laughs, he feels young again. And Ginny is so worried about always having to have her guard up and control everything she says/does, but when she eased herself into bed while she talked to him, she finally had a moment where she could relax and be comfortable with someone.

    Thanks for giving me a chance to gush about this scene! I knew I could count on you to continue my feels. 😉

    • Oh dear, I’m so very sorry you had a migraine. I hope you’re doing all better now <3 Thanks for your sweet words. But of course your comment would contribute to me being RUINED once again and resulting into an emotional puddle of feels. The whole thing about him looking younger — so true. You said that beautifully! For a moment, all his worries were gone. For a moment, it was about her. It was about them. I can't deal literally this ship just creeped up on us in the most beautiful way possible.

  2. I totally love this show. It is so refreshing to see an African-American character who’s the main leader and has a good head on her shoulders. I’m in love with Timeless and This is Us and if you like or watch them too, then you should do reviews because I would love to see your thoughts on this. P.S. I love Chicago P.D.

    • Pitch is so incredibly refreshing and she’s the only woman on the team, it makes her so special. I’m truly hoping this show continues. I would absolutely LOVE to write reviews for both those shows because I’m loving them just as much, but unfortunately with my day job being a full time position, I don’t have as much time on my hands as I’d like. But they’ll be featured in posts like this so be on the look out for those. Thank you for the sweet words, dear!

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