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#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 42

25 Nearest and Dearest 9/25
The Bartlett/Fleming Family (Heartland)


For nine seasons now, Heartland has been the happy show I’m sure many of us have been turning to when we’ve needed to take a step back from the intense dramas on TV. And for nine seasons it’s proven to be one of the most family driven series in existence continuously giving us raw, beautiful moments that have shown what families are meant to be like. And not to mention, Heartland has even done a beautiful job revealing the gorgeous intimacy between a horse and his/her rider. Since Heartland is primarily a family show, it tackles a great deal of different relationships with the Bartlett/Fleming/Borden clan, but a few have personally tugged on my heartstrings the most.

Jack Bartlett’s relationship with his granddaughters was exquisite from the very beginning. Jack’s presence will always be enough. Jack took care of Amy and Lou as though they were his own — teaching them everything they needed to know about horses and how to maintain a farm. But most importantly Jack has taught them what it truly means to never give up on family. His constant presence has effortlessly served as light in their lives reminding them of the fact that not only are they never alone, but they have always got someone with something to teach them. Family members understand one another without ever requiring anything return, and Jack’s welcoming spirit has saved another life as well. When Georgie found her way into the Heartland family ranch, she was immediately welcomed in and taken care of. And Jack was the first to do so inspiring the rest of the family to follow beautifully. And just as Jack has continuously chosen his family over everything else, they’ve tirelessly done everything they could to make sure he’s happy and taken care of. Additionally, without turning this entire post into a Jack Bartlett appreciation post, his kindness has even extended towards Ty ultimately teaching him what it means to be a man, and how to be someone who’s deserving of Amy. Jack’s been a constant presence in a lot of lives teaching them the value of hard work and kindness through example. He is essentially the heart of Heartland and without him, the Flemings wouldn’t be as solid in their partnership as they are.

After Amy and Lou lost their mother, the two have needed one another most. And with Amy especially, she’d need someone who could be a shining example of what a graceful, loving woman is like. Marian is still a great presence in the life of her girls inspiring them through the woman she’d been before she passed, but Amy and Lou are also great inspirations for one another. And in loving one another through everything and encouraging each other to follow their dreams, the two women undoubtedly make their mother proud while keeping her legacy alive. They’ve fought like sisters and they’ve loved sisters, but most importantly, they’ve always seen the best in each other and offered a helping hand even when it wasn’t needed. Without each other, the two would be lost in their escapades — the best of friends, and the most loyal of siblings.

Lou has selflessly mothered not only her little sister, but an abandoned little girl as well taking Georgie in as her own and loving her just as fervently as she loves her biological daughter, Katie. And I’ve always appreciated the fact that though it’s frustrating to see Goergie constantly screw up, just as any mother would, Lou’s forgiven and adored her through it all. Amy, too as the older sister/sort of aunt that she is. If they weren’t constantly rescuing horses, these two should open up a Foster home — Lord knows we need more good ones.

From the moment Ty entered into their lives, he was a part of their family, but I have always said that the moment I adored most was when he was given his own stone on the wall. It’s in that moment where he became an official member of the family not only through his marriage to Amy, but as the man he’s grown to be because of the love this family shown has him. The respect Ty was shown from Jack made him into the man he is today, and he’s beautifully reciprocated that into his marriage. You can read all about their love story, here if you’d like.

Heartland is the one of the very few series I wish would go on forever because it’s that happy. There’s never a time where it feels as though things may not be okay in the end and that’s entirely due to the fact that this family would do anything and everything for each other. By forgiving and accepting Tim, he’s been able to grow into the father he could’ve always been. And even though Peter and Lou may not be together again, he is still someone who cares profoundly for his children along with the family they’re in. At let’s not forget to mention Lisa and her selfless desires to continuously help this family in every way she could. I’m so beyond thrilled she and Jack are married because she is all that the Fleming/Bartlett clan was lacking. At the end of the day, life at Heartland ranch isn’t always peachy, but one thing’s for certain, and it’s the fact that each person would go above and beyond to make sure everyone in the house is happy and content. They are each other’s anchor in trying times reminding them of who they are and the greatness that’s in them when they’ve forgotten. And with a new baby on the way this season, I don’t doubt for a second that the moments the family shares will be even more adorable than they’ve been.

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