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#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 40

25 Nearest and Dearest 11/25
Brooke Davis and Haley James Scott (One Tree Hill)


One Tree Hill was the very first show I watched from beginning to end as it aired, and for that reason, plus countless others, it will always have a place in my heart. And perhaps, my favorite part about One Tree Hill is the friendship which grew from indifference into a sisterhood. A friendship which was essentially unlikely, but it was everything that was needed to go through life. Brooke Davis and Haley James Scott were two of the most passionate, loyal souls in Tree Hill — it felt right that they’d become the best of friends. It felt right that they’d go through life together. The best of friends laugh together, cry together, fight together, stick together, and most importantly grow together. And what’s always appealed most to me is the fact that they gave to each other endlessly without ever expecting anything in return.

It’s funny that the first time they hung out is brought up a lot in conversations. And ultimately, it’s the greatest showcase that these characters developed beautifully. Brooke needed to get off her high horse back then, but one thing about the character was always clear — she had good intentions at heart. Would Haley and Nathan have ever gotten together without her screwing things up then making them right? Who knows. Life’s all about moments, and the moments each character has shared with one another has set their destiny in motion. I personally loved Brooke’s meddling because while it may have been frustrating in the beginning, in later seasons it was precisely what was always needed. Whether it was the aftermath of getting arrested together or learning new quirks about each other, Brooke and Haley could show off their happiest selves to one another. They could get excited over the smallest things and their best friend would get excited with them. And I’ve always said that while it’s great to have a friend who’s there through the darkness, there’s nothing quite like having a friend that’s there through the happiness as well.

Darkness came to Tree Hill often, but thankfully no one ever dealt with any of it alone. And it’s in their darkest times where Brooke and Haley found home with each other. Literally. After moving in together in the midst of their trying times the women learned a great deal about themselves. The birth of Clothes over Bros came at a time the women needed the reminder that they could do anything they set their minds to. And the encouragement of a best friend is often the key to birthing an idea that’s planted within us. An encouraging word and the constant belief that we’re worthy can do wonders. But the two also cried often together when trips to the hospital threatened both their lives or someone they loved dearly. And that was the beauty of Tree Hill, never once did anyone sit in a hospital room alone because wherever the other was, they’d rush there in a heartbeat — showcasing the fact that nothing will ever be more significant than their friend knowing they’re supported. And for the love of all things wonderful, Brooke risked her entire life to save Jamie’s thereby, proving that there could truly never have been a better choice as his Godmother. (Of all the scenes in One Tree Hill history, this is the hardest one to talk about, but perhaps I’ll be able to when I finally get to talk about the women individually for later articles.)

When we are in a small town like Tree Hill — a lot of the friendships are special. That includes Haley and Brooke’s friendship with the lovely Peyton Sawyer. And with every small town, things can and have gotten extremely ugly. Especially with these three, but it’s never once tarnished their friendship for too long. Ultimately, it’d feel like cheating if I didn’t mention how special Peyton was to both Haley and Brooke. While it’s clear the two women get closer when Peyton moves away, it doesn’t change the fact that once upon a time, they were as close as can be. Peyton and Brooke especially went through a lot of ugly times, and when Haley had left for tour, Peyton wasn’t exactly her biggest fan. But the at their best, these women are incredibly forgiving allowing love to win over and over again. You don’t know a person until you’ve argued or fought with them. And while some fights were more dramatic than others, at the end of the day, it revealed that no matter how angry or hurt they were, if anyone’s life was in danger, they’d be the first to run to them. Though the women have fought with each other, never once would they pass up fighting for each other, and such moments have thankfully been more common than the former. No boy, psychotic stalker, cranky receptionist, new café owner, etc. could ever hurt either of them without their best friends running to their defense.

Brooke and Haley grew together beautifully rebuilding a lot of what made their high school lives special for their kids. And it always came down to one incredibly important fact which is that they stuck together. “Somebody told me that this is the place where everything is better and everything is safe.” In the end, Brooke and Haley both had love and beautiful babies by their side. And even when Brooke couldn’t have children, Haley supported her with encouragement and grace allowing Brooke to let her walls down enough to showcase vulnerability without the fear of being judged or perceived wrongfully. It isn’t easy to express heartache in the midst of someone else’s happiness, but with these two, they always made sure the other knew that no matter what they were feeling, it was always important to talk about. But life is good, and the day came where the two of them were at their happiest allowing their friendship to explore new levels of growth which they did gorgeously. I’ve always believed in the fact that we cannot control what happens in life, but we can control how we handle situations. And though love is incredibly important, no one could ever substitute for a best friend. A best friend will be there to hold you when things get tough back home. A best friend will be there to remind you of the things that you’ve momentarily forgotten. And a best friend will be there to gracefully hold your hand in the midst of hard times in order to make the dark days a little brighter. Brooke and Haley loved Tree Hill too much to ever leave. Haley wanted to befriend the cool cheerleader but never did she expect that they’d become the best of friends. And Brooke never realized that she’d ever need someone with Haley’s grace who’d keep her grounded as her dreams come true. Without even realizing it, the two completed something in each other neither of them ever realized they were missing. When they befriended each other, everything was better and everything was safe. When they befriended each other, they saved each other and themselves building a world around love and growth. And often setting the most beautiful example of how friendships are supposed to be.

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