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#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 39

25 Nearest and Dearest 12/25
Pearson Specter Litt (Suits)


Suits is perhaps the most intriguing series focus on lawyers I’ve ever seen, and it is entirely due to the amazing dynamics within the Pearson Specter Litt law firm. And while the friendships were always fascinating, the incredible turn they’ve taken this season alone are brilliant. In the beginning, it was about what’s best for the firm, and while that’s still a top priority, today, their loyalty to one another has been tested more than a newfound theory. Now there’s absolutely no question that they’d always choose each other. Harvey, Mike, Jessica, Donna, Rachel, and Louis will have each other’s backs to the very end. Whatever it comes down to, they’ve grown to care for one another in unimaginably overpowering ways. Whether the firm is forever or not, their places in each other’s are unalterable.

From the very beginning, the first friendship I personally fell in love with was Donna and Harvey’s. We’re also firm believers in the fact that they’re also meant to be together. And, they’re unsurprisingly featured on our list of 25 Love Stories, so you can read our thoughts about their gorgeous dynamic there as well.

Next up is the friendship that started it all — the brotherly bond between Mike Ross and Harvey Specter. When Harvey was trying to hire an associate, he not only wanted another version of himself, but he needed another version of himself. And little did he knew, he’d make a lifetime friend that’d change his life entirely. For so long it felt as though Harvey needed to fill a void in his life and that was stemmed from the lack of a relationship with his father. And with Mike, he has always needed a male older figure who’d inspire him to continuously reach his highest potential. Harvey and Mike changed each other in a way only they could’ve. Standing by each other through everything they face is exactly how they won even their toughest cases. However, nothing has been more difficult to deal with than the truth about Mike. Harvey’s instinctual and fervent needed to do anything he can to protect Mike has resulted in some of the finest moments to ever be featured on Suits. It has resulted in some of Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams’ most groundbreaking performances to date. Mike and Harvey are brothers — they fight like brothers, talk like brothers, and love like brothers. And it has always been about protecting each other. Neither of them were willing to give up the other because putting their own name down was the most honorary thing they could’ve done. To the very end, Harvey fought to get Mike out of prison. To the very end, they believed in each other. After six incredible seasons, if there’s one thing we can be certain of, it’s that Harvey and Mike will never give up on each other. Whether Mike chooses to return to Pearson Specter Litt, he has a brother for life in Harvey.

Moreover, no one at Pearson Specter Litt knows how to give up on each other. No matter how often Louis has screwed up — he’s been forgiven. This giving, compassionate nature is exactly what makes this firm a family. When worse comes to worst, no one is kicked to the curb. No one is abandoned: they’re fought for, forgiven, and believed in. Jessica, Donna, and Harvey have all continuously been through a lot with Louis, and within these last few seasons they’ve come so incredibly far it’s heartwarming. No matter what happens, Louis has such a gorgeous admiration for his coworkers that sometimes, he simply doesn’t know how to showcase it. And over the years, the firm has come to love and accept him for who he is. In spite of his flaws, they know his heart, and most importantly, they know where his loyalty lies. It’s revealed best in the season six finale “P.S.L.” when he refuses to let Jessica go but does so knowing it’s what family does.

Still on Louis’ distinct nature, I’ve often loved how ridiculously protective he is over Donna, and because we’ve been given the chance to see the stakes rise higher, it’s given us the opportunity to truly see the depth of the adoration the two have for one another. Donna knows that Louis is loyal, and beyond this, Donna knows the best version of him. Because of the fact that these characters know one another on incredibly profound levels, it’s easy to continuously bring out the best. And that’s what they’ve continuously done at this point resulting in one of the best dynamics we had no idea we needed when the series first aired. We knew Louis would eventually learn to be kinder and less sneaky, but we never expected such an extraordinary relationship would be established with him and Donna. If anyone knows how to put him in his place, it’s Donna and at the end of the day, it all comes to down to the fact that they’re family — no matter how ugly fights get between family members, they’re still unconditionally loved.

Ultimately, there aren’t many things better than solid female/female dynamics where women can grow with one another. Donna and Rachel have established such closeness in their friendship, it’s gorgeous. From the very beginning, the two of them have stood by one another supporting each other in and outside of the firm. We’ve always loved the way the two have stood up for another, and gently delivered news to one another. And during this season especially, if Rachel didn’t have Donna, the poor woman would’ve been wrecked. Donna and Rachel have needed one another to unwind with — and finding that best friend in each other has made Suits far more fascinating than it would’ve been. Add Jessica into the equation and we’ve got an unstoppable force. What’s always stood out about Suits is the fact that these women have never been jealous of one another, unkind to one another, or unfair to each other. Their ranks have never mattered. They’ve looked out for each other from day one and that’s undoubtedly something that’ll never change, only evolve.

Next up on the list of relationships is the recent one established between Jessica and Rachel. We’ve loved the way Rachel’s continuously chosen this firm because she’s believed in the people who run it, but today, we love how dedicated Jessica’s been in supporting Rachel’s Innocence Project. At the end of the day, no one goes unnoticed at Pearson Specter Litt, and Jessica’s strongest asset is her continuously giving nature. Dedicating her time to Rachel not only teaches her a great deal from a phenomenal lawyer, but it brings the two women closer together showcasing  the very depth of the kind of family they are. When one person passionately believes in something, the others have always trusted their instincts, too.

Now, although Mike and Rachel are also in a relationship, we’ve got to at least discuss how adorable they are. It was easy to tell from the first season that the two would eventually find a home with one another, and we’re glad to see that though their road’s been tough, their love is unshakable. They were effortlessly able found hope, heart, and home with one another choosing one another above all things. That’s what the best relationships come down to — choosing each other and fighting for one another. For Mike and Rachel, it’s always been about their hearts followed by the belief that the other can do anything they set their mind to.

Pearson Specter Litt is the place to be. It has always been even when it was called Pearson Specter because of the home Jessica and Harvey had created. In strangely unromantic ways, the two have always been like the firm’s parental figures. And this has always been clear because their intentions to protect the firm have always come straight from the heart. Jessica’s departure in this week’s Suits has left a lot of us broken, but no one’s more hurt than Harvey. No one will feel the loss the way he will. One of the things that’s always been remarkable about Suits is the way the men have respected the women. Harvey is an outstanding lawyer, but Jessica’s on top — he knows that, and he’s continuously acknowledged that she’s been an impeccable mentor for him. The two have been through most of the firm’s changes together, and they’ve stood side by side respectfully fighting through every battle.

Pearson Specter Litt isn’t going to be the same with Jessica. Frankly, we’re still so heartbroken over Gina Torres (sad, but understandable) departure. But if there’s one thing that final moment proved it’s that come hell or high water, these people will always be family. And something tells me that no matter where they are in life, at the end of the night, a nice drink will always remind them of the times they shared at their office — in their home. To Pearson Specter Litt, the firm that will always be a family. Together, they’ve endured and celebrated. They’ve each lost a lot in their lives, but the love they’ve received from each other has always been the greatest gift — the best victory. The most worthwhile journey — and no matter who comes and goes, these members of Pearson Specter Litt will always be a family.

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