#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 37

25 Nearest and Dearest 14/25
House Stark (Game of Thrones)


First of all, the greatest tragedy is the fact that we could not find a single photograph of all the Stark children together. Let’s change this, Game of Thrones. From the very beginning it’s been all about House Stark here at MGcircles. And though one of us was shamefully late to the Game of Thrones train, it didn’t change the fact that upon entering, the first people she fell in love with was the members of House Stark. Sansa, Arya, Bran, Robb, Rickon, and Jon have each landed a perpetual place in our hearts and knowing a series like Game of Thrones, it has a tendency to break our hearts quite often. However, it doesn’t change the fact that the family’s loyalty to one another and quest to reunite their kingdom is remarkably awe-inspiring and always riveting.

Loyalty amongst the Starks is what has left us floored throughout the seasons. Their quest to return and rebuild Winterfell has been one of the primary reasons why the series has been so impeccable for viewers. But no matter what journey the Stark children have been on, home has been their fundamental objective. The tragedies that have come to House Stark are perhaps the worst of them all — no mother should have to watch her son get killed with his wife and unborn child. And no little girl should have to come home with the highest of hopes for a reunion but witness such a massacre instead. There isn’t a house more loyal and kind to one another, thereby, continuously breaking us because in this case, good things don’t come to those who deserve it.

Unfortunately, there won’t come a day where the Stark children will all be together again, but the day where Arya, Bran, Sansa, and Jon are in the same room will be the happiest of times. The reunion with Jon and Sansa alone has left millions, ourselves included, beaming. It’s been written in the stars and nothing’s ever made more sense. It has never mattered to the Stark children that Jon is merely their half brother (or cousin perhaps) because they’ve adored and cared for him in the same way they’ve loved each other. Jon Snow has, and will always be a Stark. Jon and Robb have always and will always be brothers. Jon has and will always protect his siblings as siblings. Arya and Sansa are first and foremost sisters. After the tragedy they faced, we’re certain that when reunited Bran will always be protected, looked out for, and put first.

Together, Jon and Sansa will rule Winterfell until the rest of their siblings come home. The Starks have shown unwavering loyalty to one another in ways no families ever has. It’s ridiculously moving. Also, we’d like to break the rules here and give honorary Stark, Brienne of Tarth the heartiest of praises because her outstanding loyalty and beautiful heart has never once been tainted. She’s stood by her promise and done everything in her power to protect Sansa when she was alone. And that promise is undeniably something she intends to keep for the rest of her days. Seriously though, who doesn’t want to join their family?

Game of Thrones is the last series that promises a happy ending, but somewhere beyond the cold winters, lies everlasting love and respect between the Starks. The Stark children are first and always siblings before rulers or heroes. They’ve gone their separate ways, they’ve lived without each other, but in the end, they’ve come to the realization that nothing is greater than family. And though happy times are rare in their lives, we know without a doubt that their hearts are anything but cold. Within them, loyalty burns like fire that cannot be put out.

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