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25 Nearest and Dearest 15/25
The People of Bluebell, Alabama (Hart of Dixie)


Bluebell, Alabama the fictional town we all wish we could live in with some of the most ridiculously unique and lovely neighbors. Hart of Dixie will always be one of the happiest, feel-good shows I turn to when I’m need of something epically cheesy. While Bluebell is somewhat of a character on its own, the friendships that are built in this small town never fail to put a massive smile on my face. There’s never a dull moment in Bluebell and if any of us were to move in there, I don’t doubt for a second that we’d make at least one friend for life. Characters on the series bond in such remarkably distinct ways, it’s inspiring — and while there’s always drama in Bluebell, no one ever goes through anything alone.

The first of the many great friendships on the series is the one between Lavon Hayes and Zoe Hart. It’s actually unbeatable, but sometimes, Wade can come, too. And if you have yet to, check out what I had to say about how much I adore the relationship between Zoe and Wade. People didn’t exactly welcome New York City girl Zoe Hart with open arms the way Lavon did, and from that very first episode, he was the best friend she could ever have. And the best supplier of breakfast. Lavon stood by Zoe from the beginning — accepting her as she is and helping her evolve into the person she later became. There was never a moment where Zoe and Lavon weren’t there for each other. She was his wing(woman) and he was her wingman. No matter what happened, they were always on each other’s teams. Also, let’s talk about that ridiculously hilarious and sweet moment where Zoe and Wade realize they don’t want to move out because they’d miss Lavon too much. I happy cried and I wasn’t even the one dealing with hormones. Male and female friendships are especially fascinating when the two aren’t afraid of being themselves around each other. When Lavon got his heart broken, it was easy for him to find comfort in Zoe and Wade. He never once had to hide his feelings from her and she never had to hide hers. Plus, it’s only ever okay for the best of friends to crash dates, and these two were especially great at doing that

Next up is the sisterly relationship between Zoe and Rose — a friendship that also began from day one and evolved beautifully. Much like Lavon, Rose was also one of the people who showed Zoe kindness from the moment she arrived, and that kindness resulted in an unbreakable bond neither of them knew they needed. Since they’re both only children, finding one another was everything they did not know they needed. Zoe could guide and help Rose in all her endeavors, and in countless ways Rose would teach Zoe a lot more than she ever imagined possible. I always loved how easy it was for the two of them to confide in one another and the times they shared with each other was precisely what they often needed to be the very best and happiest versions of themselves.

Hart of Dixie effortlessly did a phenomenal job of creating male/female dynamics without the implication of any romance between them. And one of those relationships was between Lemon Breeland and Wade Kinsella. Lemon and Wade grew up together and knew one another on incredibly profound levels, but they never established a closeness until later seasons. Sometimes, without even realizing it the person we’ve known for the longest time could become someone that’ll perpetually make a difference in our lives later on. That’s what happened with Lemon and Wade — she was more than his best friend’s ex-fiance during later seasons, she was one of his best friends. Lemon and Wade have always believed in each other resulting in a strong friendship that gave them the opportunity to have someone call them out on their crap, root for them, and have fun with them.

Moreover, though Lemon and Zoe never became best friends, they grew to care as well as I figured they would. It’s always in the little things with shows like this and though the women began hating one another, you knew that somewhere down the road they’d find common ground. At some point, they’d find a way to get over their differences and help one another through whatever they need. Annabeth and Lemon were always best friends and though the women argued, they never let too long pass before they made up. In a lot of ways Annabeth made Lemon wonderful, kinder, and friendlier. And thereby, the moment they learned Zoe was pregnant, it was beautiful how quickly the girls ran to comfort her. You wouldn’t expect it and that’s exactlywhy the brief moment was special. They knew Zoe would need them to lean on and they ran to her.

The thing with Hart of Dixie is that there are way too many amazing dynamics and way too many fantastic scenes I want to talk about. After all this, I decided maybe I should contain myself and choose 10 moments where the series was at its brightest. 10 moments where the town of BlueBell was the place to be because the people in it were at their finest, kindest, and loveliest.

 1. Zoe visits Harley’s grave

In every sense of the word, Harley Wilkes is responsible for everything. Zoe never got to know her father for who he was, but the truth is, in a lot of subtle ways she did. She got to know him as the man the entire town adored. The man who never once gave up on her. And the man who brought her to Bluebell. Without even knowing her father, he brought her home. And I loved the fact that Zoe was able to visit his grave in order to thank him for everything he’s done. This may as well be the most profound moment in Hart of Dixie history — Zoe’s gratitude is the ultimate illumination of the enamoring growth she experienced in Bluebell and it’s entirely due to the endless amount of postcards Harley would send his little girl. We don’t give up on those we love, and in the end, things fall into place just as they were always meant to.

2. Zoe and Wade have T.B.D Kinsella

Only in a fictional town like Bluebell will a hospital room be filled with more than a dozen people excitedly waiting the arrival of a child. You expected their parents there sure, but no would’ve ever imagined more than half the town as well. It’s during moments like this where the series beautifully reveals that these people care for one another in ways no one else would. And one couple’s happy moment, is everyone’s happy moment.

3. Lemon gives Zoe a gift from Harley

This was a moment I should have expected but never did, and thereby, it made the scene that much more rewarding. After Zoe and Wade realize that they have no precious heirloom to give their child, and their search fails, Lemon decides to step in. As it turns out, when she was a little girl, Harley gave her a wooden duck which she kept with her until this very moment when she decided Zoe would need it more. Choosing to give Zoe that duck was the ultimate showcase of growth on Lemon’s part. Understanding how valuable a parent’s time with a child is, Lemon chose to selflessly pass this item down in order for Zoe to feel that not only will her child ever be alone, but neither will Zoe. Harley will always be a part of her and she now has a physical gift she can pass down to her child.

4. Rose tells Zoe she’ll be moving to New York

As mentioned above, from the very first episode, I loved the friendship that was established with Zoe and Rose. No one would have ever imagined that while Zoe would find home in Bluebell, Rose would move away to see the world. And Rose only ever moved because Zoe unknowingly taught her that there’s more to life. Whatever dreams reside in her heart can become a reality if only she sets out to pursue them. Zoe and Rose will always be there for one another to confide in, and because they’ve taught one another so much, in the midst of it, they’ve learned things about one another they never thought possible.

5. Brick officially makes Zoe a partner. 

It was hilarious how a hormonal Zoe believed that Brick was going to replace her, but the only reason he hired an associate was because he wanted to officially name her as a partner. Choosing to name their practice Breeland and Hart was one of the kindest things he’d ever done. And thus, choosing to tell Zoe that her father would be proud of how far she has come was incredibly beautiful. Brick wasn’t always kind to Zoe, but in the end, he couldn’t deny the fact that not only was she a good person, but a great doctor as well. And sharing the practice with her was the most perfect way the series could have ended.

6. The town tries to help Tom and Wonda as they’re on maternity leave.

Although they failed epically, it was still nice to see everyone come together in order to help Tom and Wonda with their tasks as they took care of baby Frodo. Small towns coming together like these is everything a series needs and more to make its viewers feel good. It’s moments like this that remarkably showcase the fact that people in this town will always choose to help each other — even if they have other things to do.

7. Lemon tries to set up Annabeth and George

Surprisingly though the two believe she has bad intentions at first, this is the first time where Lemon truly does something selflessly. After watching George and Annabeth bond, she comes to the realization that the two would be great together and she’s not wrong. While the women essentially go back and forth with who they have feelings for, the end result of Lemon’s schemes finally ends with two people realizing they can be amazing together. I loved the idea of George and Annabeth together, and I’m glad they found home with each other.

 8. Breakfast at Lavon’s 

Breakfast at Lavon’s was a constant and he should most definitely open up his own restaurant. But one of my personal favorite moments took place in season four when Lemon had officially become Lavon’s girlfriend. It was hilarious to me how sad Zoe was that she wouldn’t be able to have breakfast with them every morning, but the muffin fight especially was the cherry on top of the sundae. Zoe running away after stealing Lemon’s cupcake was a marvelous display of the fact that these women will no longer get into legitimate fights anymore but rather ridiculous ones like this. And it’s beautiful proof of the fact that Lavon’s house will always be open for breakfast.

9. George announces he’s leaving Bluebell

Although this is actually one of the most heartbreaking moments on the series, a few words made it my favorite. Though everyone believes the world of Bluebell is about to change forever due to prophetic nightmare Annabeth has, the reality is, a hole’s left in all their hearts when George Tucker finally decides to move away to manage music. Because the entire town’s affected by George’s departure, it is the ultimate proof of how close they all are. Heck, even I was affected by it.

10. Planksgiving

If I had a genie, one of the wishes I’d make was to turn my town into the kind of town that celebrates Planksgiving. For those who aren’t familiar, Planksgiving is a time where everyone dresses like pirates to celebrate Thanksgiving. And frankly, it doesn’t get more epic than that. But what makes Planksgiving so special is the fact that the town of Bluebell get together in order to help save a family’s business which will make their little boy happy and give the family the chance to stay in Bluebell. Seriously though, who doesn’t want to live in Bluebell?

There are far too many incredible scenes in Hart of Dixie history that showcase the greatness of its citizens. Shelby choosing to give the talent show money to Lemon, Zoe and Wade letting their proposal go to Lavon, etc. I wish I could sit here and discuss them all, but the reality is, things aren’t always like this outside of television. And I’m a firm believer in the fact that it’s always great to have a series like this to unwind with. Hart of Dixie is as ridiculous as it gets and that’s why it’s the kind of show that deserves to be watched more than once. There are too many things to love. Too many ridiculously marvelous stories being told. Too many fantastic characters, friendships, and love stories. But it all comes down to one small town — a place that’ll stay in our hearts til the end.

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