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#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 33

25 Nearest and Dearest 18/25
Team Flash (The Flash)


The Flash is remarkable for countless reason, but my absolute favorite is the friendships. It’s that simple. Team Flash is the team to be on. It’s the one I would desperately want to join if this weren’t a TV show. (Sigh) The Flash may be a series about DC’s adorable nerdy superhero Barry Allen, but its heart lies in the friendships that make Barry Allen who he is. The Flash is a series about teamwork, and what it means to truly support someone in their quest to make a difference. What it means to truly make a difference in a person’s life through kindness and steadfast loyalty. Love and loyalty are the foundations of all great friendships, and with Team Flash, it is what drives the group to success.

For those who know me, The Flash makes me cry often. (TV makes me cry often.) And most of the time, Joe West’s father/son relationship with Barry is entirely to blame. I’m a massive fan of the relationships that are stemmed from choices. Joe didn’t have to take Barry in after his mother was murdered and his father was imprisoned — he could’ve taken him to a foster home. But no, that would never have been an option because from that moment on, Barry was his to watch over. Joe made the choice to take a lost little boy under his wings and protect him even as an adult. And though Henry came back into Barry’s life, it didn’t change the fact that Barry loves and cherishes Joe just as deeply. Joe’s fervent support has ceaselessly inspired Barry to stand up. It’s inspired him to keep running because family waits for him at the end of the finish line. He’s not alone. He never has been.  He can get through whatever obstacle is in front of him because out of a choice, a man believes in him in the same way a biological father would. One of my favorite scenes between the two has actually taken place during the Christmas episode titled: “Flash of Two Worlds”. Joe’s choice to give Barry his father’s watch as a gift had me in full-blown tears. Joe has a biological son now, but that will never change the fact that he loves Barry as his own. It will never change the fact that he’ll continue to look out for, cherish, and support Barry through every change he makes in his life. Plus, he’ll eventually become his son-in-law. (Wink wink.)

On that note, I cannot be happier with the fact that Iris is finally aware of The Flash’s true identity, and thereby, a member of Team Flash now. It’s always been about Iris and Barry. I would’ve happily written about them for the 25 Love Stories portion of #100DaysofFanFavorites, but I needed more time for them to grow on me. (Personally, it takes a lot for me to buy the childhood best friends to lovers trope.) That said it’s always been about the two of them. For Barry, it’s always been Iris and long before she even realized how she truly felt, deep within, for Iris, it’s always been Barry, too. “Love is patient. Love is kind.” In every sense of the word, Barry and Iris embody 1 Corinthians 13. Whether it was the achingly long years he waited for her to be ready, or the amount of time she’ll have to wait for the hollowness in his heart to be filled with peace again, there’s no doubt that it will be done with grace and ardent adoration. Iris’ belief in Barry’s abilities with or without the suit is precisely what makes him the hero that he is. Her faith in the fact that his heart is the greatest above all things has ceaselessly served as an emblem that has promised prosperity in every area of his life. And not to mention the fact that he’s in a perpetual state of knowing with every fiber in his being that her talents go beyond anything she can possibly imagine. Love is knowing someone a 1000 times better than they know themselves thereby, making Barry and Iris perfectly equipped to be each other’s everything. No matter the universe they are in, she is his, and he is hers — soul mates, best friends, and the one they’ll always come home to. It is these kind of love stories that not only leave lasting impressions on viewers, but they’re the ones worthy of being noted as epic. Iris and Barry have looked out for each other since they were little kids and continuing to promise one another that they’ll always be chosen first is the truest form of love that can exist. Behind the mask and the speed, not many know Barry Allen the way Iris West does, and the unique understanding and adoration which binds them in every universe is eternal. They are the very best and most beautiful versions of themselves because of the love and loyalty they’ve shared since they were kids.

Sometimes, people come into our lives and their presence completely changes everything. Cisco and Caitlin are the perfect additions into Barry’s lives and each other’s. The three of them have grown to understand one another in ridiculously profound ways, and that understanding has become the solid foundation that keeps Team Flash strong. When loyalty and belief surround a group of individuals, they’re bound to be successful in all their endeavors. Barry’s friendship with Cisco and Caitlin not only changed him, but it changed the other two as well. Some people instantly gravitate towards one another as though the universe and all the stars have done everything in their power to conduct their meeting. This is what this friendship is. It’s a team destined to go through life together. Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin are three of the most ridiculously amazing people on the faces of their seemingly countless earths — their humor, distinct understanding, and unwavering loyalty to one another makes Team Flash the best it can be. There’s great beauty in the way the three look after one another, forgive each other, and support one another. When it was revealed that Jay was Zoom, Cisco and Barry did everything in their power to make sure Caitlin knew she had shoulders to lean on. Anytime one of them is broken over something, the remaining two will always be there for a group hug. It’s in the little things and it’s in the big things, the moments that have defined them and the trying times that have strengthened them. Whatever way we look at it, Team Flash is stronger together than they’ll ever be apart. These three have, and will always need each other. Few people would appreciate Cisco’s extensive knowledge in nerd culture. Few people will look at Caitlin as more than just a pretty face. The three of them appreciate and adore one another through everything, and thereby, this unique bond is destined to grow beautifully.

Even the new Wells is a significant part of Team Flash. And as soon as Wally officially joins the team, he’ll be just as vital. The best part of Team Flash is that it’s ever growing — this phenomenal team of individuals have a mission in life and until the end, they’ll fight through it together. Though there have, and will be moments where they each feel as though the world is caving in and it’s all too much, somewhere deep within, the love they’ve shown each other will illuminate their paths while reminding them that loyalty and love are a steadfast force in their lives. And even when a time comes where the Flash is no longer needed, the bonds that have been built are forever.

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