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25 Nearest and Dearest 19/25
The Clone Club (Orphan Black)


Orphan Black is the gift that brought us the Clone Club and then later introduced us to a word that’ll perpetually be in all of our vocabularies: “sestra”. I have a sestra. You have a sestra. Sarah, Helena, Cosima, Alison, and Felix all have sestras. There are a bountiful of great relationships on Orphan Black, but the Clone Club is special. The Clone Club took five incredibly different individuals and created an extraordinary unit culminating into something irrevocably profound and life changing. Sarah and Helena may have been cloned without their consent, but it was their choices to not only befriend one another, but their sisters as well. It was Sarah’s choice to take not only pretend to be Beth for a while, but it was her choice to remain in her sisters’ lives and watch over them. And though members of the Clone Club don’t always agree, one thing’s for certain, their love for one another shines brighter than Helena’s hair.

There isn’t a group of individuals that are more different from one another than members of the Clone Club, and that’s precisely what makes their relationship so special. Though the story of the Clone Club begins long ago with Beth, Cosima, and Alison, Felix and Sarah’s story begins in foster home. Blood couldn’t bring the two closer and that’s why their relationship is my absolute favorite. Felix and Sarah fight like brother and sister and they love just as fervently as though the same blood runs through them. It’s always been about the two of them. The two of them against the world — the two of them through thick and thin. Whatever happens, they’re there for one another. In their darkest moments, their love for one another never wavers. It always breaks my heart when Felix thinks he has no place in the Clone Club because I personally believe his role is the most crucial. He is, in a lot of a ways, almost like the club’s president. He has a unique relationship with everyone and in countless ways keeps them grounded. And his relationship with Sarah is especially extraordinary because from the very beginning he stood by her side allowing her to grow by believing in the very fact that she could be a mother. A lot of people may have doubted Sarah’s abilities to be a great mom to Kira, but Felix is without a doubt the one who ceaselessly knew just how profoundly Sarah loved her daughter. And a mother’s love is the strongest force of all thereby, his belief in her and the steadfast support he showcased played a vast role in her life as she regained the trust that was lost in her. Essentially, it all comes down to equal and unwavering support to which it’s always been clear Felix and Sarah have for one another. Without the other, they wouldn’t be who they are for numerous reasons, but most importantly, they’d lose their person — the one who has and will always believe in them. They are the two souls who’ve only ever wanted the absolute best for each other and when it comes to bonds, there’s nothing more special than that amongst characters who share absolutely no blood. Just because they were raised together, it doesn’t mean they had to love each other, but they chose to, and that choice continuously governs them today. In the end, it will always be about Felix and Sarah. In the end, the foundation in which their bond is built on is immovable love and solid partnership.

Felix’s love for the clones floors me and it’s without a doubt one of the most adorable entities within the series. What’s especially adorable is his relationship with Alison because the two could not be more different from one another. And the fact that Felix continuously helps Alison relax and let loose is wonderful. (But it’s specifically wonderful when he tries to make her dance.) It always spoke so highly on his behalf how quickly he was able to get through to her because Alison doesn’t let people in too closely. Because her walls are so high up and she doesn’t want her life disrupted it’s hard to accept other people, but allowing Felix and Sarah into her life has changed her in beautifully subtle ways. I want to see more of Alison and Sarah’s personal relationship, but despite the fact that the girls aren’t seen together as closely as Alison and Felix are, it doesn’t change the fact that the love that runs through their veins for one another is significantly deep and steadfast.

Cosima and Alison have been together for a long time now, and we know that their bond has been established long before Sarah even knew she was a clone. The way I see it, Cosima is Alison’s third child. She’s always cared for her and often times, because they’re so different from one another, it makes their relationship that much more complex. At the end of the day, where their loyalty is concerned, the two will always bend and break backwards for one another making sure the other’s safe and happy. In a lot of ways, just as Felix and Sarah have an unwavering devotion to one another, that’s how deeply Alison and Cosima care for one another.

Next up, is the relationship between Sarah and Cosima. And the two of them had an easier time clicking with one another, but especially because I feel they were able to bond on similar grounds. Cosima’s love for Kira and vice versa is the most extraordinary thing to exist on the show. Cosima is without a doubt the coolest clone of them all, but in a lot of ways, she feels like she’s everyone’s little sister. And while often times the cool sister is the eldest, in this case, in this case, it feels like she’s the youngest. (This makes a lot more sense in my head than it actually does in person, but it’s okay let’s just go with it.)

And last but most certainly not least is the incredible bond between Helena and Sarah. But also, Helena and the rest of the clones. There will never come a day where I won’t be in complete awe over the fact that I went from being completely terrified of Helena to wanting to give her the biggest hug in the world. Helena’s love for her “sestras” is magic — absolute magic. When Helena stopped fighting them and started fighting with them, the profound love she exhibited in her own unique way spoke wonders. There’s no doubt in any of our minds that the clones would do anything for one another, but the way Helena showcases that adoration is beautiful. It all comes down to the fact that just as Helena needed Sarah, Sarah needed Helena. That’s perhaps the magic within the Clone Club — they each believed they were fine, they were good on their own, but together, they’re better and together, they’re stronger. Helena choosing to sacrifice herself for Cosima’s health the first day she met her was extraordinary. Alison choosing to let Helena live with her was extraordinary. And heck, even Donnie’s relationship with Helena is fascinating. Not to mention Art’s — pure entertainment.

I said this earlier last year, but instead of repeating myself, we’ll just bring it back.  “They’re each so very diverse, but when they’re together, there are no differences – their unique traits and distinct quirks are welcomed and celebrated. Once they each made the beautiful choice to accept that they don’t have to be enemies, they promised each other forever. They’ll have each other’s backs in ways no one else could and they understand one another most wonderfully. Each of their personal relationships with one another are different, but together, they’re the kind of family neither of them have ever dreamt of having. They’re the kind of family who’d do anything for one another, but most importantly, the love that binds them is stronger than whatever outside forces try to tear them apart.” Sestras forever — there aren’t many words to describe the beautiful relationships that have been established through the Clone Club, and I’m sure this won’t be the last time I’ll discuss them.

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