#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 28

25 Nearest and Dearest 23/25
Second Precinct (Mysteries of Laura)


Every so often, a hidden gem warms its way into our hearts but unfortunately, because the world’s a cruel place, the cancellation bear decides to interfere. Mysteries of Laura was one of those underrated gems — the next best thing NBC’s done since Chuck. And now while cop shows are great, sometimes, we need a little comedy. Or at least I do. And it’s series like Chuck and Mysteries of Laura that I find myself wanting to constantly re-watch. For those who aren’t familiar, Mysteries of Laura is a series that focuses brilliantly on partnerships. Whether it was Max’s eccentric and irreplaceable role in the precinct, Meredith and Billy’s ever growing friendship, Jake and Laura’s banter, or Billy and Laura’s effortless partnership, together as a whole, and individually, each unique dynamic swarmed its way into my heart.

All the great TV series have a Max. And the real world is always better with a Max. Max is the kind of person whose ridiculously charming character has a remarkable way of making everything better. What always stood out about Max’s relationship with the precinct, specifically, Laura was his steadfast loyalty. He was good at his job sure, but he was better at understanding people. And he was great at knowing what every one needed. A part of that greatness resulted in his unique relationships with each and every member of the precinct because though he was sassing his heart away, if any of his teammates were facing some sort of an issue, he knew how to offer help right away. It’s no wonder Laura kept him around and fought for him. I would, too — in a heartbeat.

Next up we have Meredith and Billy’s friendship, which later turned into one of the series’ loveliest relationships. Meredith and Billy are individually strong characters who developed a fantastic language with another. And though they had their fair share of hearty discussions, the two always saw one another as the best versions of themselves. They believed in the other’s ability as a detective and an individual, but most importantly they were never too shy to voice their faith in one another. Often times when a great partnership turns into a romance, it’s even better than what it used to be. And thankfully, that was the case with Billy and Meredith as well. When the two got together, things didn’t change drastically, they only evolved. Their friendship, in all its liveliness essentially created a powerful bond where equals made their way into each other’s hearts in the most graceful way.

Billy’s a superlative friend — perhaps one of the most supportive souls that have graced our television screens, and that’s always the case in his friendship with Laura. Billy understood Laura. He believed in Laura. He knew and understood the things that made Laura a phenomenal detective, friend, and mother. When Billy and Laura went on a case together, they were bound to succeed. And when one of them needed the other, they were always the first one there. The best of friends, and the strongest of partners — a dynamic which made the entire show remarkably special and worth watching 123 times over. (Too much? Naw, I don’t think.)

Last but most certainly not least, whether they were arguing over the very thing that ended their marriage, dealing with their kids, or solving a crime together, Laura and Jake were the most fascinating duo to watch. When the two were on the same page for instance, there was magic in the air. And it’s that very kind of magic that’s present only amongst couples that bring out the best in each other. In spite of everything that happened between them, you knew from the very first episode that the love they share for one another hadn’t altered. Jake needed to prove himself, and that he did. But Laura needed to focus on her work, and thereby, allowing her to do that as the precinct’s captain gave her countless opportunities to show off the impeccable skills she possesses as a detective. However, their romantic relationship debacle aside, watching them interact as partners was hilariously moving. Dynamics such as theirs aren’t always done in a way that tells the story as richly as it could, but because the show managed to do so, it made their relationship all the more powerful. Jake interfering with Laura’s cases made things more interesting, but most importantly, it showcased the very fact that the two of them, while phenomenal individually, are unbeatable as partners. And choosing to look out for one another in moments such as where one of them is being questioned or injured, reveal the very love that’s attempting to stay hidden. If I could’ve written a more in-depth analysis for these two for the #25LoveStories portion of #100DaysofFanFavorites, you best believe I would have — the only problem was, by the time I discovered this series, we had already completed the section.

Now while we’ve discussed the core relationships in the series, it doesn’t mean those were the only friendships I adored watching. During season one, the team had a new member named Frankie, and while at first they weren’t sure if she’d fit in, by the end, they had accepted and adored her in ways that were wonderful. Frankie was the perfect addition in the team (why couldn’t we keep her!?!), and her role in the precinct was one of my absolute favorites. The bit of sunshine and lovableness Frankie brought into the picture was incredible, and it was always a pleasure to see what she’d get into. But perhaps the most interesting part of her role is the way she confronted issues with the unit — she had a way, an adorable weird way of making everything more fascinating.

Moreover, and finally in terms of guest stars, in its second season, the precinct got a new captain, and though she wasn’t exactly a friend to the group, her role in their lives was nothing short of special. Santiani was a good captain — she wasn’t as laid back as Jake, and she wasn’t exactly a part of the team, but the reality is, she saw them for what they were: great detectives and when she lost her life doing the job she loves most, the team honored her beautifully revealing the fact that no matter how close people in the precinct may be, every single member is always valued.

Mysteries of Laura floored me in the way it balanced drama and humor, but most importantly, these relationships are what I can’t stop thinking about. And even relationships that have not been mentioned such as Meredith and Laura’s are special. The two may not have always understood one another, but the very fact that they always had each other’s backs spoke volumes. I don’t doubt for a second that if the show continued, we’d see these friendships grow even stronger. Sometimes, the best friendships are rocky. They’re tough. They’re real. You argue, you fight, you disagree, but in the end, it all comes down to being there for one another at their darkest hours. And that’s what these group of individuals were, a strong, admirable team to the end.

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