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Scandal 5×20 “Trump Card” and 5×21 “That’s My Girl” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Abby finds out a big secret that Liv has been hiding thanks to her father.

Episode Summary: We meet our presidential nominees.

Review | Analysis: Abby and Olivia team up with Fitz and the Gladiators try to bring down their common enemy, Hollis Doyle. Because it is so natural for them to backstab each other, Abby starts digging up new dirt on Mellie. The Gladiators accuse Hollis of racism after he says a few questionable things. Of course, his poll numbers go up and one of his ex-wives comes into the picture and accuses him of rape. Again, as if he is immortal or something, his numbers keep going up. With Hollis winning at every turn, Abby desperate, decides to meet with none other than Papa Pope. I mean, why, why, WHY would she agree to get in the car with him after all that he’s done? Well, we find out one thing – Olivia had an abortion. And the baby was Fitz’s.

Liv is able to prove Hollis is nothing more than a business man where he says one thing but means the opposite. With one leakage of a video, Hollis is out of the race. Since she’s already on fire, Liv decides to get rid of Edison, her father and Jake out of the running by convincing Edison to speak out about Hollis’ campaign.

Of course America isn’t ready for someone who is so out there about racism and whatnot, so Edison is out. Papa Pope isn’t so happy either since he knows his daughter is behind all of this. Seems like Jake and Liv may be teaming up to stop Papa Pope once again since Jake asks Edison to tell Liv he’s “chasing the sun.”

There is only one Democratic candidate left and that’s Vargas. So it’s time for the GOP to look closer at their choices. Abby and Liv present to a round table of Marcus, Liz, Mellie, Susan Ross and Fitz. Apparently, they are all supposed to present the worst about each other. Liv tells about David’s decision to take off his White Hat and make a deal over big sugar with the Florida governor.

However, Abby chooses to not disclose anything about Liv’s abortion, for now at least. Instead she shares information Liz gathered about Mellie seeing a psychic at the White House after her son’s death.

Abby admits to Liv that she had something on her. Liv asks her if it’s her abortion and Abby explains to her how she didn’t want to hurt her. Liv tells her that it would’ve been a smart move to take down Mellie by shaming her. She reveals she’s not ashamed and how the only person who would be very hurt would’ve been Fitz. She also tells her how Fitz doesn’t know. As a matter of fact, no one really does. She asks her how she found out and Abby comes clean and tells her her father and that he’s not done with her just yet.

With David’s secrets out in the open, it backfires and causes Susan to drop out of the race. She also ends up breaking up with him.

Now that all of the chaos is sorta out of the way, we are ready for the general elections! It will be a match between Mellie and Vargas. Meaning, the rest of the gang will be sitting on the sidelines.

So who do you think will be the next president, Gladiators? Do you think Liv will reunite with Fitz or Jake? 

5×21 “That’s My Girl”

Spoilers Ahead

Death is upon us, Gladiators.

Episode Summary: Olivia makes a move to save Jake, but it plays right into her father’s hands.

Review | Analysis: The season finale opened with Jake killing his new father-in-law, per Rowan’s request, of course. Then the show moved on to who the Vice Presidential picks were for the two remaining candidates.

Cyrus first picks David. Remember how he was just about to be fired last episode, but now he’s in the running for Vice President? However, Rowan has other plans. He instead suggests Jake and Cyrus, addicted to power, agrees. How this man still doesn’t know that Jake was the one who murdered his husband is beyond me.

As the two candidates figure out their future business partners, Fitz plans his own future, that dream of Vermont still seems to be living strong. He seems to be seeing that with Liv as if that didn’t already go into shambles before. Except there’s nothing like dreams being crushed after medical records come about. The truth is finally out about Liv’s abortion, so what will Fitz do now?

It seems like this makes Fitz more likable than ever. He’s actually trying to think of someone else, well sorta. He claims that his speech is to benefit Mellie. But seriously, thank goodness for Mellie. She calls out not only others, but the society as a whole. She’s yelling at Fitz and every man that ever got in her way.

She handles Fitz, but now there’s another issue. Liv needs to find way to handle Rowan. Jake is Rowan’s only pawn, so she decides to take his pawn. She announces Jake as Mellie’s running mate. She goes to Rowan’s house and claims Jake is hers. In the process, she points out his two weaknesses, the man he calls his “son” and herself.

She finally has stood up to her father and goes to Fitz for permission. He tells her, “You came by to tell me your ex-boyfriend is going to be on my ex-wife’s ticket.” Duh she did! Fitz agrees and has a moment. So much so that he tells Liv that he supports her choice about the abortion and picking Jake as Vice President.

In true Scandal fashion, when one thing seems to be working out, something is falling apart. Seems like Jake wants out of becoming the next, possible, Vice President. He says he wants a simple, normal life with Liv. Side note – it doesn’t seem like these guys get that Liv has never wanted a normal life. I mean, her life isn’t normal to begin with anyways.

He finally realizes that Liv is the new Command. Except, she really isn’t. She’s being shaped by Command. Rowan got Liv right where he wants her, The White House.

Guess who’s in the way like always? Cyrus. He’s running as the Democratic Vice President. What the heck?! Wasn’t he just working for the Republicans?

Unfortunately this finale wasn’t that amusing. There weren’t any big shockers like in the past. It was pretty mediocre. However, we do still have some questions left that we don’t know the answers to! Will Liv take the Vice President position? What is Tom going to do now that Cyrus broke his heart? And finally, will anyone figure out how to get rid of Papa Pope and realize the “Command” that he has on them?

I am sad to say that I will not be recapping for next season, Gladiators. But I hope to return soon!








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