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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance | Actor

April 24-30
“Travel Agents” | The Americans
Matthew Rhys

The Americans is always filled with impeccable performances, and often times, though it can be the simplest expressions, when it comes to these actors, one look always says 1000 words.

And that was the case with Matthew Rhys this week. This isn’t the first time Elizabeth’s doubted her value in their family, and in “Travel Agents”, she questioned Philip’s love for her. With a single, brilliantly meticulous head tilt and a sincere perplexity in his voice, Rhys showcased the fact that Philip’s love for his wife is inexpressible. Philip’s love for his wife knows no bounds, and he needed her to understand that. He desperately needed her to believe it with every fiber of his being. And the intensity in his voice weaved with the tenderness in his expression illuminated that love beautifully. Rhys always makes sure his love is felt with every beat, and with all the turmoil he faced throughout the episode, this moment of sincerity was pristinely delivered. Philip was exhausted and guilt-ridden, and to hear his wife doubt that she’s the one for him was enough to undo him.

At his very best, Philip is a loving husband and father allowing Rhys to pour out a plethora of raw, unwavering adoration. He cares for Martha, that much is ridiculously clear, but the way he loves Elizabeth is unparalleled. Where Elizabeth and his children are, that’s where Philip will always be, and Rhys needed to make that clear in his affirmation to which he did with the right amount of nuances that both the audience and Elizabeth are very familiar with. The disbelief in his expression cobbled with the assertion of his words made bared those feelings perfectly all while managing to resort me into tears. Elizabeth can now doubt many things, but Philip’s love for her isn’t one of them.

Honorable Mention:

“Sisters” | Once Upon A Time
Josh Dallas

Dallas is no stranger on our list of performers, but to be given the opportunity to play both Charming brothers at once allowed audiences to be familiarized with the gifts that come effortlessly to him.

It’s easy to overdo two distinct characters at once, but the best part of Dallas’ performance isn’t the fact that he mastered both, but rather the fact that he brought a kind of fear to David we’ve never seen before. David Charming is a hero, and while heroes aren’t always fearless, Charming (David) has never felt this threatened. And watching that side of David, made it easier to believe James’ ruthless resentment. In an instant we were able to tell that James wasn’t messing around and rose the stakes higher. Additionally, when it came down to portraying one twin pretending to be the other, Dallas did a great job of delivering the right amount of emotions making their scenes fun, yet incredibly grave.

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