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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

April 24-30
“Sisters”Once Upon A Time

As per usual another wonderful week on television has left us making the difficult choice, but Once Upon A Time’s “Sisters” was nothing short of perfection reminding us of all the things that makes this series so special.

While the episode was filled with incredible moments all around, we still can’t stop thinking about Cora’s departure with both her daughters by her side. Cora’s choice to apologize and remind her daughters to always hold on to one another was beautiful. It took a lot of strength to finally believe in the fact that love is strength, and for her to remind her daughters of this fact was a life changing moment for the Mills family. And filled with unbelievably beautiful performances, the scene exemplified, hope, forgiveness, and love effortlessly showcasing the fact that life is best when you choose the honorable road.

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