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Scandal 5×19 “Buckle Up” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Both parties pick the one candidate that no one considered “real.”

Episode Summary: Abby and Olivia have a fight, Mellie finds herself in a pickle, Cyrus’ life is falling apart and the next President of the United States is still up for grabs.

Review | Analysis: In this week’s episode, Scandal showed us a drama-filled version of how media everywhere depicts successful career women. Tensions were high when Abby pretended Air Force One was dealing with a mechanical issue that brought down Mellie’s plane. All the Democratic presidential candidates were looking for the  support of Florida’s governor.

Susan’s plane was smooth sailing so she was in the win as far as her and Mellie’s battle was going. Then there was Abby and Olivia having one of their classic fights, but this one was a bit more intense, so Mellie decided to take things into her own hands.

She asked her ex-hubby who just so happens to be the President for his help. She also reminded him that he is President so he doesn’t need to listen to anyone, especially his Chief of Staff.

Soon after, Mellie’s plane was up and running and she made it to the Governor’s dinner even if it was an hour later. The Republicans were fighting for delegates and the Democrats were just trying to figure out who their actual campaign managers were and what the plan was going to be.

Vargas’ brother finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel when he got fired by his own brother because of Cyrus’ sabotage. He could have made the “new President,” but lost two people in the process. He used Michael in his scheme and Michael lost his patience so he took their daughter and left.

Everyone voted for none other than Hollis, the one person who wasn’t even really considered a real candidate.

Liv finally let her emotions out about all the had recently happened. Abby broke down about the guilt she had been carrying about possibly making Liv kill Andrew. The two decided to put their differences aside and join forces to take down Hollis.

All we can say now is, Hollis watch your back!

Until next week Gladiators…

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